Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not giving up yet

So... I was washing my face, when I realized that I hadn't posted anything for today.  AHHH.....Quick, Scramble, okay it is only 11:15p.m. What can I come up with?

Here is what my thoughts have consisted greatly of today.

FINALLY... I have a good haircut.  I have been thinking about it all day.  Every time I look in the mirror I think to myself, "I am really beginning to like this."

It is all thanks to Krysta.  Who also did a wonderful job on my color.

So now as I go to bed, I am going to be thankful for a great haircut after many bad ones.  It is amazing what a haircut can do for you.

What are you thankful for today?


Stephanie said...

good job, keep up the posts! I want to see a picture of the haircut.

Krysta said...

You are very welcome my friend! I have loved my haircut too. :) I am thankful I have kids to keep me busy (you couldn't tell by me venting on the phone with you tonight, but I really am.) It's fun (and sad) to watch them grow, but I would be so miserable and bored with out them!!!

Bre said...

I love your ambition! I look forward to your daily posts. My life somehow seems so boring sometimes to yours lol! I love That Jex is quite the golfer, Steve and I talk about us taking up golfing all the time together since we both cant do it well yet. Maybe someday?!

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