Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Post

I am using the website Blurb to print out my blog. I am so excited to have this as my journal for the year. What a wonderful history of our family. So.... from now on you will notice more posting about every day happenings, random thoughts from a crazy mom, and no more web albums. I will be posting my pictures individually. This will be a long post. I want to write about a few quick things I have been thinking about. I need to get it done quickly, because I have a new calling(miamaid advisor). Jonathan and I were also asked to speak in church on Sunday. I have two items to prepare for church. Isaac is napping, so I don't have much time. Here is what is floating around in my brain....
I wanted to share Stella's cute new hair cut. We cut about 6 inches of it. It was starting to look stringy, and so hard to comb through. She looks so adorable. After I cut it, I thought she would freak. She looked in the mirror, and said, "I love it, mom." It was so adorable. Oh, btw Stella picked out her shoes. A little hot for the summer don't you think.
Bug, Bugs Bugs Bugs.... There are bugs everywhere in Arkansas. All kinds of bug, bugs I have never seen before. We got a pest control service, which is common in the south. I am just glad they are dying outside of my house instead of inside.

Jex loves it, and is always running inside to tell me about the different kind of bugs he finds. I always have to go out and look at them. I act really excited, but inside I am screaming YUCK!!!

Along with unique bugs, we still have the mosquitos. Here is a picture of the kids, and check out Stella's legs. Poor girl!
Jonathan took this picture of Isaac snuggling with me. It was so sweet. I just had to share this crazy thing about him. He can put the food away. He is still nursing 4-5 times a day. He eats three meals, and sometimes a couple of snacks. He only wants to eat whatever everyone else is having. Here is what he had for lunch. Half of a corn dog, 5 cherries, a piece of lemon bread, some peas, and was still screaming for more when I let Jex have some chips. (yes, I do make all of this food bit sized) It is the only way, he wants what he wants!! This kid out eats Stella. He Loves FOOD!! I guess that is a good thing, as opposed to Jex who doesn't.

I have been inspired... my friend Stephanie has been working so hard to loose weight. She has lost over 25 pounds so far... "weight" to go Stephanie! She has inspired me to loose my last 10 pounds. I was doing so good before the move. I went in to survival mode with all the packing, and unpacking. I was just eating whenever, and whatever. Yesterday, I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting after 2 months. I am in the zone now. It always takes me atleast a year after my babies are born to get rid of all the flab. I also hang on to a few pounds while I am nursing.
So... I am setting a goal. I am writing it down because then I have to be accountable. So here it is...


This is my goal for after. This is when I finally lost all of my weight from Stella. Goal: 10 pounds by Aug, 31st. I feel like this is so reasonable. Wish me luck!!

In honor of my new lifestyle, I am sharing a couple of treat recipes that I got from my last meeting.

A Bag of washed grapes, and 1/2 to a whole package of sugar free jello sprinkled on the top. Place in the freezer. When they are frozen, enjoy!! These are delicious.

Also, a tub of FF cool whip mixed with 6 T. of PB Spread evenly between 12 muffin tins. Drizzle with sugar free chocolate syrup. Freeze. I haven't tasted these yet, but they are supposed to be great. I can't wait. I love PB.

Well, there you have it. A long post, about a small amount.


Glasgow Family said...

Yayyy!! You made yourself a true treat! By the way, you do look fabulous. I'd like to lose about the same amount too. We're in this together! . . . and I know a good pest control guy.

Glasgow Family said...

oh and I'm a peanut butter freak, too.

Krysta said...

I think your random posts are going to be fun. I'm going to try to do that more to. It's fun to hear about all the small little things too, not just the big stuff. I love Stella's hair! Good luck on your'll do great. I'm going to e-mail you my handouts, incase you want to use them for your lesson.

Mishrerr said...

Hi, Andrea--
This is kind of silly to meet on your blog, because I've seen you at church and know plenty about you (he he he), but haven't gotten to talk to you yet.
I found your blog through Jennifer's. It is beautiful!
P.S. THANK YOU for the recipe. I'm with you and Jennifer in trying to lose baby-weight and it is SO HARD to go without sugar (that is, as much sugar as I want). I'm off to add some things to my grocery list. . . .:)

Stephanie said...

Hey Andrea. Wow, you barely get settled in and they snatch you right up. You'll be awesome in YW. They are very lucky girls! Keep us updated on the weight loss. I can't believe how much it helps me to be accountable. This is my last week of the program I'm on, but I'm going to keep moving forward and hopefully moving down. BTW, I'm at 31 pounds as of last Friday. :) Hopefully this week is as good!

Eileen said...

That was the cutest post! Is cutest a word? You are a darling mom with a darling family. What a great time of life. Enjoy every moment.

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

I haven't peeked in awhile. Your house is so cute. I bet you're loving having your OWN home.
I'm glad Krysta and family were able to visit. It looks like you all had fun.
About you losing weight... I think you look great, but you always do. I know how it feels though hanging on to those last few pounds. I have about 10 to go myself.
Good Luck. Maybe by August 31 I'll be "hot" too!

Elise said...

Have you seen the Blurb books? They are adorable - that is why I post so much random stuff and no video or albums on my blog.

Those treats sound really good. I am also trying to lose those last 10 pounds. I am running alot and am running a 5K in August - I know, not much but it is good for me! Good Luck!

Sounds like you are super busy so I will stop writin the longest comment ever:)

Kristin said...

I miss those kids so much!

Ashlee Dunlap said...

My grandparents in Mona are the Nielsens (Ron and Marcia). My grandma was born there..maiden name is King. That's exciting! Glad to be home though! How do you send your blog to blurb and print it off? Have you figured prices out and all that?! Great to hear from you! TTYL!!

Ashlee Dunlap said...

My grandparents in Mona are the Nielsens (Ron and Marcia). My grandma was born there..maiden name is King. That's exciting! Glad to be home though! How do you send your blog to blurb and print it off? Have you figured prices out and all that?! Great to hear from you! TTYL!!

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