Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Helpers!!

Our kids couldn't wait for the Daddy's to finish building the playhouse. They were pretty good at making do with what ever was built at the time. They were climbing all over. I am sure it was driving Casey and Jonathan crazy, but they never complained.

I enjoyed watching our kids play together again. When we lived in Logan, Jex and Kaylee were great friends. It was so fun to see them together again, and getting along great. They are a lot alike. They take after their mothers, and are such big helpers.

It was a house full, and pretty crazy at times, but full of laughter. They all got a along so well. We have five kids in five years between the two of us, so it really never got boring. We can't forget little Isaac, and he makes six. He is two years younger then Drew.
Kaylee will be seven in July, Jex six in August, Jake was five in January, Stella will be four in August, Drew will be three in July, and Isaac will be one in August. What a blessing from God. Six great kids, and six great friends.


Glasgow Family said...

Welcome to Arkansas! We are sooo blessed to have your family in our ward.

Krysta said...

They really are so cute together!!

The Boyds said...

wow! that look like so much fun! and what fun to have friends there to help put it together and then play on it afterwards!

Tara said...

Wow! What a great play place, and in a fenced backyard!! You're making me excited for grown-up life! :)

Dave & Lindsay said...

That is an awesome play set! I think Karin and Mike bought the same one and Dave has been going over to help put it together!

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