Sunday, June 29, 2008

Isaac is so Busy....

I know many of you do not believe me when I say that Isaac is busy. He is ten months and is still not crawling. He's rolling continuously and pulling himself up. So how could he be busy? It is hard to explain, but he is always looking for something to do.

Toys don't entertain him for too long, and what Stella or Jex has always looks better.

Today.... I have proof that he is busy. We recently discovered that the walker is pure bliss for him. Because he isn't mobile yet, the walker allows his body to do what his mind wants to. He can move so fast. I just laugh because I know he wishes that he could really run like he does in the walker. He gets so frustrated when he tries to crawl, and he just gives up. It is easier for him to just scream (and believe me he an scream), until one of the kids gives him what he wants.

I realized that if he was mobile, he wouldn't be walking. He would be running. If he was crawling, it would be speed crawling. Maybe I should count my blessings that he hasn't quite figured it out yet.

Watch his little feet in the second movie. They move so fast. The first video is what I found him doing this morning. We have a pantry in our laundry room. All of the shelves are open. (This is a project for a later date, I want to make a curtain to cover it). Anyway, he figured out how to get in there, and help himself to unloading the shelf.

The second video is his smart little brain at work. I pulled him out of the laundry room, and he is going to try with all his might to get back there. Watch how well he maneuvers the walker.

Now... I hope you can see for yourself just how busy he really is.


Kristin said...

I can't believe how big Isaac is getting. Hey sissy...thanks for the headline for everyone! I noticed on Hilarys though there is a typo, it says 'watching' twice. Jared loves his new one. Hope your talk went well!

Shannon said...

Wow he is so fast, how cute. Thanks for sharing. The house looks amazing. And our dining room was that color when we moved in. We like it for now. Thanks also for letting me learn from you about blogging.
Love, Shannon

Mishrerr said...

Wow. Watch out in a couple months, eh? :) Hey, you and Bro. Swenson gave awesome talks today in Sacrament Meeting. I loved them both! So glad to have your beautiful family here!

Alison said...

Good thing you have those wood floors so Isaac can get around in that walker! He's adorable!

Krysta said...

Ohhhh...I miss him! He really is busy and you should definately be counting your blessings that he is happy to stay in the walker for now! (until he starts screaming, right?!)

Jaron said...

Holy cow, he's a busy kid! Hurray for wood floors! Your house looks fabulous - I am green with envy but trying not to be. :-)

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