Friday, June 13, 2008

Adjusting to something new...

We are starting to get adjusted now. We have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors, and learn the lay of the land. Here are just a few random pictures of some of the happenings since we got here.

First: The big Penske, and saying goodbye to friends.
Second: Isaac's new favorite game. He loves to play in the sink. He gets so excited every time we walk in to the bathroom. He tries to dive out my arms for the faucet. So I let him sit in the sink and play. The bad thing is he knows how to turn the water on. I have to watch him because he will turn the hot water on, and burn himself. So.. I stand there and let him play because it keeps him happy for a while.
Third: The kids have been playing dressup a lot. I thought these pics of Jex were so cute. He just posed on his own. He is a true boy. The kids are enjoying so much space to run around and play in.
Fourth: We found a quaint little sno cone shack. This is the kids after their first sno cones. We have been longing for a treat like this. I haven't seen a shack since we lived in Utah. It reminds me of home and is right up the road from our house. The bonus... it's only $1 for a sno cone. We are finding our way around, and enjoying a few summer memories along the way.


Dave & Lindsay said...

Those are really cute pictures! I miss you all so much!

Stephanie said...

So glad you are settling in! Hooray for snowcone shaks! Congrats to you guys! You did it!

Tara said...

Andrea, I miss you so much! Jon keeps asking when Jex will be out to play on the playground with him... :( But I'm glad you're getting settled and comfortable! Thanks for posting the cute pictures!

Krysta said...

I'm so glad you are finding time, while in the mess of getting settled, to enjoy those fun summer moments! They are the BEST!!

Congrats to Jonathan...he looked so proud in his graduation pictures.

SEBishop said...

Hopefully, you will only have to use 1 more MOVING VAN IN this lifetime!!!!!!!! and that is to secure your job as a PM&R doctor in a thriving community with LOTS of sports being participated in!!

I would love to keep in touch and learn about your family and the experiences you will have in Arkansas and owning a home. So much fun to have your own place to build your family and foundation on. You are starting off WELL and being a GREAT MOM.

I've added you to my bLOG bookmarking and will check often as I love to feel connected to techno stuff.


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