Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's in my Purse?

My Friend Amber tagged anyone who needed to clean out their purse. I fit that description, and thought this was kind of fun.
From Left to Right:
Lipgloss: I never leave home without it. When I have puke on my clothes from the baby, and ratty hair from running my kids around, I always turn to the lip gloss. It can make anyone feel better.
Sunglasses: Now that I wear contacts, I can't stand the sun. This is my third pair in two months. Stella loves to try them on and then break them.
Hand Sanitizer: Can you say germ freak? I fit in that category.
Cell Phone: which is a miracle it still works. I drop it almost everyday.
Check book: Checks aren't of much use anymore, but I just can't get out of the habit. I need it just in case, and yes it has come in handy.
100 calorie pack, slimfast bar, and goldfish crackers: A treat from me, and a treat for the little ones.
Wallet: Whoever invented the wallet needs some recognition here. I love just how many important things in my life it holds, and protects for me.
Changing Pad: Once again can you say germ freak. The doctor commented that he had never had anyone use a changing pad on the doctor's table before. I said, "that is why I use it."
Baby Spoon: This is something that I always use. With Isaac being number three, he needs to eat on the run.
Wipies, Diapers, Diaper cream, and notice the purse is not some fancy thing: It is a diaper bag. I am in that stage of my life. I need everything to be functional. Need I say more?
Burp Cloth: Isaac spits up more then any child I know.
Dental Floss: There is nothing more annoying then having something stuck in your teeth, and not being able to remove it.
Gum: My favorite, light blue extra. Jonathan doesn't prefer this kind. It stays in my bag, just for me.
The essential ziplock bag: With a new outfit for Isaac, and underwear for the other two. Just in case we have a blowout or an accident. The ziplock bag comes in handy to put the mess in.(does it seem like my bag is full of poop proof, and puke proof items)(what kind of life do I live?)
Water Bottle, and K20 protien water drop in: I love these things. They flavor up the water, and because of the added protien they help me feel full.
Well there is some insight in to my life. This bag goes everywhere I do. It has been wonderful with the three kids, and I have to thank the girls who bought it for me. Thanks girls.
I am excited to start carrying a nice purse again. There is a season for everything.
I tag anyone who fits the description of messy purse.
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The Tarin's said...

I love it! It is always interesting to find what people have in their bags. I love the idea of the ziplock baggie. I am going to have to start doing that.

Tara said...

So funny - you are a prepared lady! I'm carrying the smallest purse I can for the next 3 months (just a wallet,phone and makeup!!!) before I have to swap it in for the mammoth diaper bag again... sigh... :)

Krysta said...

Ohhhh...diaper bags! I'm so glad to be done with that for awhile (maybe ever). But I haven't ever given up carrying a big bag, you just never know what you have to throw in there at the last second!!

Ashlee Dunlap said...

I still haven't decided if I like my wallet in the diaper bag, or the diaper in the purse yet myself. Love the tag!! Thanks

Elise said...

Your new background is super cute! If you get a chance or think about it sometime, would you send me those CD's? Email me if you need my address. Thanks!!

Donna said...

I remember those years of carrying the diapers and extra underwear for the kids... the poop and spit clean up kits, etc. Now Rick and I are in the season of our lives when those days are long past. We don't miss the hectic days and sleepless nights, but we definately miss having our little ones so near. There are no greater treasures than children!

Donna said...

A less heavy comment...your blog backgrounds are so beautiful. Where do you get your wonderful backgrounds?

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