Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Patience and Valentines

Tonight, Stella was saying her prayers. She said, "Bless mom to do good with us." I think that was her small way of saying, "bless my mom with patience." I thought that was so sweet. With a husband on-call all the time, and gone interviewing I guess you could say that I needed an extra dose of patience.

Today at school, Jex traded Valentines with his classmates. It was so fun to watch him come home and be so excited about them. He looked over them, and sorted through them all day. When I was putting Isaac to bed, I told them they needed to do something quiet until I was done. He said, "can I look at my Valentines again?" I remember being so excited about things that were my own. I am sure that is how he feels about his own valentines, given to him by his dear classmates. What a fun tradition. I love Valentines!


Ashlee Dunlap said...

I'll send the book your way when I'm done..forgive me if it takes a little time..I'm preparing my lesson and clip for book group first. I love the pic of Stella and Isaac below. Isaac's smile is darling.

Anonymous said...

Sweet children. I was praying for you tonight, You have been on my mind alot... God has his way of sustaning us and preserving us during such rough times. Thank Jesus for the unceasing joy that continues in our hearts to carrying on for His will to be done. Love you sister.

Krysta said...

What a sweet prayer. I love listening to childrens prayers. They are so simple and come right from their hearts. To me, you are an example of patience. Whenever I'm running thin, I think of you!

Brunson's said...

children know us best and can be such a great example.

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