Monday, June 6, 2016


They seem to be the new trend in modern design.  Especially mid-century modern design.  I recently went into a little chic boutique here in our quaint little town, and saw the most adorable succulent container.  I really, really, really, wanted it. It was made out of wood, and was rectangle in shape; just filled with succulents.

I talked to the lady at the counter about it.  We discussed how much it would cost to put one together for my space, and discussed my own design for one.  My vision was one for my kitchen table, and of course for the new house.  She counted up about how many succulents it would take, and about how much it would cost; and I then was I was just a little shocked.

Now, I am in the know that succulents are pricey; even the fake kind!!  I have bought many of those at Hobby Lobby to put in the house too!  I was however shocked when she told me the one for my table would be over $100.  I told her I would have to think on it for a time and get back to her.  I did then ask her for a little bit more info about succulents.  I wanted to know how long you could keep them alive.  I wanted to know if $100 would truly be worth it if I decided on it.  She told me that succulents could live a long, long time if you gave them the appropriate amount of water.

I went on to find out that succulents do well when you just spritz them with just a little bit of water every few days or so with a spray bottle of water.

So… needless to say, I became obsessed with thinking about this beautiful wooden container of succulents from this chic little downtown store.

A couple of days later I was walking around a local big box store when I stumbled upon a whole selection of succulents at very reasonable prices.  I found some in some big pots that I knew I could pick apart and separate.  When I saw them I new I would just make my own little planter box.  I bought them and brought them home.  I told myself that I would find a nice wooden planter box at a store or online somewhere.  However, when I was unloading them all on my kitchen counter this little beauty was staring me right in the face:

 photo Fall Decor  16_zpsix3gscyx.jpg

…..and I knew it was perfect.  Just what I was looking for; a fun wooden box to hold succulents.  I then went to my favorite local garden shop and picked out some unique succulents that cost a little bit more to fill in the gaps, and 5 clay pots.

 photo Easter 2016-0342_zpsgwrh4hvt.jpg 

I filled the 5 clay pots with soil, and then randomly filled them up with the succulents.

 photo Easter 2016-0341_zps0xgkoo1s.jpg

Then I placed them down in this fun little box. 

 photo Easter 2016-0344_zpsecrbk0gy.jpg

Every other day or so I spray them with water from a water bottle and they have done great. 

 photo Easter 2016-0346_zpsp70djlpt.jpg

I have had them here for about 3 months now.

 photo Easter 2016-0345_zps8fslfhtr.jpg

I actually like how this turned out even more then the one that I was going to purchase.  I ended up spending about $30, but I already had the container which was $12 when I bought it.

….and because I am obsessed with succulents now, this little planter wasn’t enough.  I have been eyeing these copper cups that have been floating all over the design boards the last few months:


I happened upon mine at Walmart.  I bought these 4 and new exactly what I would do with them. 

 photo Easter 2016-0347_zpssrx3spfj.jpg

Yep! Succulents! Same routine! Soil. Succulent! Spritz with water and wah-la!!

 photo Easter 2016-0349_zpsuzjswe15.jpg

Succulents add such a fun feel to a space, and it’s fun to know that you can keep them alive for a long time.

 photo Easter 2016-0353_zpscuwd9muv.jpg 

It’s even better to know that you can do this yourself on a much cheaper scale than what is out their to buy ready made.

 photo Easter 2016-0360_zpsm9swfeom.jpg

Here are a couple other fun succulent terrarium and garden ideas ideas:





This one in particular is only for sale on etsy, but I would love to figure out how to build one like this:




Couldn’t find the source for this one



Enjoy making your own little succulent gardens!!


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