Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Book Sacks

We have a Christmas tradition of reading one book each night from Dec. 1st until Christmas.

I normally wrap all these book, and then they go under the tree.

photo 1

This year, I decided that I was ending the madness of trying to wrap 24 books before Dec. 1st.

This year, I decided upon a solution.

This solution involved some preparation this year, but will solve my wrapping problems from here on out.

I started by heading to Hobby Lobby and picking up some adorable fabric and ribbon.

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One yard of fabric will make 3 bags; so that meant I needed 8 yards. You could choose one fabric or up to eight different styles.

With this fabric, I decided that I was going to sew up 24 bags that the books could be put in.

I decided to sew on some ribbon, and then tie them up like a little gift to be placed under the tree.

No more wrapping, now I just have to stick them in these bags.

So a few nights before December 1st, Stella and I got to work.


I cut the fabric in thirds, using the fold in the fabric as the bottom of the bag.

I made sure to make bags of all sizes, because books are all sizes.

I made sure that if I cut a small bag on one of the yards of fabric, that I cut a really large piece as well, and then a medium piece.  That still gave me 3 bags from one yard.

On some of the yards, I cut the bags all the same.

Then all that was left to do was to sew a hem along the top.

Then stitch up the sides of the bags, using the fold for the bottom.  This is like the easiest sewing project ever.  I am no good at sewing, and I can totally manage this.  This was also a great opportunity to let Stella have a go at her new-found sewing skills.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0446_zps6gk4s6fv.jpg

We also cut a cute piece of ribbon or tulle, and we sewed it to the back of the bag.  Then it would be there every year when we were ready to tie up the bag.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0451_zpstobq3hqn.jpg

Stella also helped me put all the books down in the bags, and tie them up.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0447_zpstwiu6e1n.jpg

We tied them up with the cute little ribbon already attached to the back.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0448_zpsvqbsv8te.jpg

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0452_zpsyre2gf2j.jpg

Then I labeled them with these adorable number tags that I found here.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0442_zpsmoesgpok.jpg

I attached them to the tied ribbon with some sequin trim and a stapler.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0439_zpsr5lpaeif.jpg

I am hoping to laminate the tags, but I don’t have a laminator. YET!

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0455_zpsfom2be3g.jpg

I am hoping Santa puts that under the tree for me this year!!

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0437_zps8qzz6dqx.jpg

I am so excited that I won’t be spending 2 hours every year wrapping books.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0453_zps6rvjfpfh.jpg

Don’t they look adorable under the tree?

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0419_zpsnv1ekvxk.jpg

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0457_zpsx1j7ysge.jpg

If you want to start this tradition, I highly suggest making these bags.

 photo House at Christmas 2015-0461_zps1rwfbtgl.jpg

I have had a few questions about this tradition:

Do you buy 24 new books each year?

No, I buy one new book each year, and let that be the first book the kids open.

Then I just wrap books we have been collecting over the years.  I think this is important to use the same books.  That is part of the tradition; reading books that your kids remember and love.

What are some of your favorite Christmas books?

The Christmas Prayer

Christmas Tapestry

God Gave us Christmas

I Believe in Santa Claus

How did you start your tradition?  Did you just go out and buy 24 books?

I was really lucky.  My grandma gave me all her Christmas books, so I had a really good start.  Then I started collecting them all year long at local thrift stores.  Also, like I said, I buy one new book each year.  Jex is 13 so that is 13 NEW books.  We have a huge collection now.

My husbands nurse also did this for us last year, so she gave us 24 books to add to our collection.  She also gave us an ornament to go along with each book as well.  This was so fun last year to open a book and an ornament.  This might be a fun way to kick off your tradition for your family, and then as you read the books for years to come they look for that ornament on the tree?

Traditions are such an important part of a child’s upbringing.

“Family traditions are like spiritual and emotional cement in the foundation of a happy home. They create fond memories, and these memories bond us together as nothing else can.” taken from this article titled, “Traditions worth keeping.”

I hope you find traditions in your own home that can bond you together.


Eileen said...

LOVE this!

Nichole said...

Love, love this idea! My little guy is one so this is the first year we've done this. I didn't anticipate how long it would take to wrap all the books. :o/

Mike, Sha, Kenna, Kate, & Garrett said...

I don't have a laminator either. SO, I use my iron. Just buy the laminator pages and put them between a manila envelope and then iron. Cute idea for the cute bags!

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