Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A few Favorites:

We recently just got back from one of my favorite places.

Yes!! the happiest place on Earth.

 photo Disneyland 2015-0515_zpsnamwzflr.jpg

It got me thinking about some favorite things I have come upon lately.

A few favorite recipes:

Cooking in my crockpot is a must.  We loved this new recipe:

Buffalo Chicken Pasta

When I was recovering after my 3rd surgery, a neighbor brought by the most delicious banana bars.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I looked them up on Pinterest, and found this recipe:

Browned Butter Banana Bars

(say that 5 times fast)

They are delicious.  They are really good cold.  I love desserts when they come out of the fridge.  Yum!!

I have a few favorite television shows that I watch.  My all-time favorite is Fixer Upper on HGTV.

I found this little video made by the star of the show.

It’s my favorite thing that she isn’t afraid to talk about God, or the importance of being a mother.

I love how she says that we need to let God’s father heart into our life, and trust that we are his children.  She stresses the importance of not believing the lies that we tell ourselves; like we aren’t good enough.

It makes me love the show even more.  I love women who stand up for the parts of life that are truly important like; motherhood and God.

I also found this favorite article on the web called:

What would mom do?(drink Tab and lock us outside) by Jen Hatmaker

This gave me lots of good things to think about.  I also just read that she has a brand new book out called:

“For the Love”

I’m off to find it.  Maybe it will be a new favorite too, or you’ll find a favorite.

I’ll keep you posted, and you let me know if you find any of these things as helpful as I did.


KW said...

Loved Joanna's video. So true.

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