Friday, June 26, 2015

March Happenings 2015

1. We started out March with a mommy taking an alone trip to Houston to see her bestie.  This was another surprise gift from the Hubby, and he arranged it all; even the childcare.

I was so excited to go.

I left on March 6th.  It was a very  long day.  I left the house at 10:30am and I didn’t end up getting to Houston until 9pm.  There were some delays along the way.  I didn’t think that when I left my house in the am, that my view out the airplane window would be this:

 photo Houston-0147_zpsfrbvv65j.jpg

Once I got there, it was so good to settle in.  Krysta’s house feels so much like home to me.

This is me all settled in on the first night in Ady’s bed: 

 photo IMG_8072_zpsijkmylg0.jpg

Ady was so kind to give up her cute pink bed for me.

This is what I wrote in my journal/trip notebook that night:

“Today was a long day, but I am finally all settled in at my bestie’s house.  It is amazing to me that it has been 8 months since I saw her and all is the same; as if I saw her just yesterday.  I love her children like my own, and Casey(her husband)is like a brother to me.(such a wonderful man) I am so thankful for their family.  What a blessing it is to know them.”

That night just before I went to bed I had some very special thoughts about Krysta.  It was as if God was telling me how wonderful she is, how lucky I am to have her in my life, and that she is a gift he has given me.  It was fun to start off my trip knowing those things.  I think I savored each moment more.

We did lots of fun things while I was there.

We started our weekend with some girl shopping, of course.

 photo Houston-0174_zpss6qi274a.jpg

Krysta took me to Old Town Spring which full of fun boutiques, and antique stores.

We also had lunch at a cute little tea cafe.  I ate this delicious bread pudding for dessert.

 photo Houston-0170_zpsibgi3hjx.jpg 

During the weekend, we took on a few projects which is totally like us.

We helped Kaylee(oldest daughter) start redecorating her room, and we even did some re-decorating in the game room.  This was all so Casey could buy a bigger TV.  It was fun to help her with these things.

It’s what we enjoy doing for sure.

We also had some down time.  We did lots of talking and listening.  We have always been each other’s sounding boards.

 photo IMG_8702_zpsuvcchfrw.jpg

The last full day I was there, happened to be Krysta’s birthday.  Jonathan made sure to treat us right on her birthday.  He bought us tickets to the Houston Livestock Show to watch Justin Moore.

We started the morning with a cake pop from Starbucks for breakfast.  What?

 photo IMG_8089_zps55wscngb.jpg

It’s a party day.

Then some more home decorating shopping.  This is our haul in the car:

 photo Houston-0180_zpswx7jkvta.jpg

A little birthday cake for dinner.

 photo Houston-0190_zpspyimw1yx.jpg

 photo Houston-0193_zpst3dxkkjj.jpg

 photo Houston-0197_zpsjwpizfvv.jpg

She is about 6 months older than me, so I’m pretty sure she turned 27; because that is how old I will be this summer. (wink wink)

Then it was time to get ready and drive into downtown Houston for the rodeo and concert.

We had so much fun, and got the best seats ever.  Thank you Jonathan.

Here are a few selfies:

 photo IMG_8230_zpsnn9auztk.jpg

 photo IMG_8184_zpsntedtnqz.jpg

…and some of Justin Moore, and the excitement in the arena:

 photo IMG_8169_zps0dp1yu6b.jpg

 photo IMG_8128_zpsweauoazm.jpg

He actually got down off the stage and walked all the way around.  Here he is so close to us:

 photo IMG_8231_zpsywmqlymv.jpg

It was the best night.

When we got home, we took off our boots,

 photo IMG_8232_zpsj4xhawm8.jpg 

had another piece of cake and went to bed.

 photo Houston-0205_zpsfxrwpp1n.jpg

Then the next day, it was time to go home.

It was the best weekend, and I always enjoy every minute with Krysta.

Once again, I thank God for the blessing of a friend who “gets me.”

2. Tess is still enjoying our unseasonably warm weather.  She really enjoys painting with water outside.

 photo Tessa March 2015-0299_zps76p2jyz8.jpg

Today, she is painting the house.

 photo Tessa March 2015-0305_zpsq6y1qexn.jpg

For some reason, it also needed to be blow dried.

3. I got a new lens for my camera. 

 photo Chocolate covered strawberries-0325_zpsff00hfnj.jpg

I had been wanting one that would work for sports shots.  One that could zoom in quite a ways.  Jonathan was so kind and helped me pick it out and order it.

 photo Tessa March 2015-0109_zpsdutzw0rc.jpg

Then Tessa was even kinder as she insisted that she posed while I tried it out.

I have really enjoyed seeing how far I could zoom it out.  This is a pic of the Logan Temple out a window of our home.  The temple is quite far away in real life, and it was neat to see that I could zoom in quite a bit.

 photo Temple -0294_zps9ksgkntj.jpg

I have always said that Hyde Park has the best sunsets, and it was fun to zoom in on one.

 photo Hyde Park Scenery-0882_zpsnyqmtuc7.jpg

This new lens also has an amazing Macro feature.  I have really enjoyed trying it out.

 photo Macro-0082_zpsa7frf4el.jpg

This photo is a favorite of mine.  It is a macro shot of an old time camera I have.

4. I don’t do too many things for St. Patrick’s Day.  I know some mom’s go all out and do green feet, and green toilet water.  Some even do pots of gold at the end of the green feet all over the house. This mom is too tired for green feet so, this is about as good as it gets for our family:

 photo IMG_8274_zps5xva99b8.jpg

I made green dinner.  We had green crepes with rainbow sprinkles, green eggs, green grapes, and of course bacon and sausage(because who really wants breakfast without the meat?)

5. I took the kids to the new movie Cinderella.  Jonathan was out of town, and I couldn’t wait to see it.  It’s not often that I splurge and pay full price.  We are usually cheap theater kind of people.

 photo IMG_8251_zpsfvwyqzb7.jpg

I was so thankful that I took them.

 photo IMG_8286_zpsmpj5lpal.jpg

The message has resonated and stuck with me:

Have Courage and be Kind.

We could all be better at that.

Then the beautiful lesson about forgiveness. This silly movie has actually helped me work on forgiving someone that I was struggling to forgive.  Thank you Disney for teaching some character traits in your new spin of Cinderella.  I highly recommend seeing it, if you haven’t. 

6. The end of March/beginning of April kicked off Spring Break.

We decided to have a little Utah Stay-cation.  We had never taken the kids to Salt Lake City before.  We decided that would be a fun little trip for our family.

Here we are caravanning to SLC from Logan.  JB is in the lead.  We needed two cars because we had to separate mid-week.

 photo IMG_8316_zps0qe09ffx.jpg

We stayed in a hotel that had an indoor water park.  That was a hit.

The first day, we headed to the zoo, and it was a madhouse. We made the smartest parental decision to find a new option. So we drove next door and checked out “This is the Place state park.”

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1007_zpsnrwsct5b.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0994_zps9lqtxyc2.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0996_zpsyxqi9dbb.jpg

It was full of history about the pioneers and how Utah came to be.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1005_zpsfnbkqege.jpg


I took this picture of a picture in their little shop.  It was a good reminder of the sacrifices that the Mormon pioneers made to find a safe place to settle down.  They crossed the plains in the coldest of times.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0991_zps3fxrggft.jpg

These are all things I want the kids to know about.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0971_zpsi7fsnbrs.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0960_zpskphmwcmq.jpg

Understanding how they pulled handcarts to get here, and built a city from the ground up.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0936_zpsqh4p4oet.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0931_zpsmbtplain.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0925_zpsf4bk2zqh.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0924_zpsabrzbjrx.jpg

It was such a beautiful day.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0914_zps9zgxupzc.jpg

You can tell the kids were thrilled to have their picture taken in front of this train.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0873_zpsq2wac6dl.jpg

 photo IMG_8320_zpssh3o8zya.jpg

We bought the kids these magnets as a souvenir and something cool to play with.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0892_zps956stson.jpg

It turns out, Jonathan realized they were some pretty strong magnets; and he got a little creative.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-0898_zpsq2sytqgw.jpg

Still a kid at heart for sure.

I am thankful for my ancestors who crossed the plains, and for Brigham Young, who discovered, “This is the Place.” 

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1004_zpsqap1mknw.jpg

It certainly has been the place, a wonderful place to live, and our Mormon culture and religion thrives here.  I am so thankful for that, and thankful to have grown up here.  With that being said, I am also thankful for my many experiences outside of Utah.  I learned so much about who I am as a Mormon, and why I still want to be one.  I also learned that no matter where you go, the gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  There is nothing that I am more grateful for, that the gospel has spread all over the world.  Thankful to missionaries and their service each day.

The next morning, we got up early and went to music and the spoken word that is held in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.  It is the longest running radio broadcast.  It was fun to be their live.

 photo IMG_8409_zpsruhkgtnx.jpg

The kids loved hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform live.

 photo IMG_8375_zps9qw7czq7.jpg

The Tabernacle is a beautiful old building with so much history.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1026_zpswmlgfi2g.jpg

Then we enjoyed our afternoon walking around Temple Square.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1133_zpsiwdwdrd6.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1040_zpsh4sbikvx.jpg

There is so much to see.

 photo IMG_8417_zpsu7xkgjw1.jpg

Stella and I enjoyed taking pictures of flowers and all the beauty.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1076_zpsg2qtfxgz.jpg

 photo Spring Break 2015-0622_zpstervebcm.jpg

At one point, I handed my camera off to a complete stranger and got a family shot. 

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1067_zps1cpwvmmq.jpg

Needless to say I was a little nervous.  It turned out nice, and I’m glad we have it. photo Spring BReak 2015-1091_zpsfrvxoedv.jpg

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1102_zpshgx1zddu.jpg

We also walked around the visitors center and then took the time to watch the movie “Meet the Mormons.”

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1088_zpswzqhzt4g.jpg

We had seen it once, but wanted to see it again.

If you haven’t seen it; you should.  Mormon or not.  I think it helps you understand more about Mormons and their culture.  It is actually on Netflix right now.  If you want to know more about the Mormon culture check it out on Netflix.

The funniest part of the day was running into some of Arkansan friends.  Friends who we can totally relate too.  We went through residency together.  They live Mississippi now, so it was amazing we saw each other while they were here visiting.  Here we are taking shots of each other over the reflection pond. So fun to see you Smith family.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1152_zpsuuffl7lp.jpg

The following day, we checked out of our hotel, and drove to Lehi to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  The kids had been once before and loved it so, we promised we would take them again.

I have two pictures from that day.  Snuggling on the lawn with my oldest.

 photo IMG_8440_zpso8f5scpr.jpg

…and consoling a very tired 5 year old when things didn’t go just her way.

 photo IMG_8448_zpss5cu5mgb.jpg

We ended the night at my kids all time favorite spot, the Provo Rec. Center.  It really is the best indoor swimming pool. 


My sister’s met us there and we had a great time.




Following our rec. center experience, Jonathan had to leave and drive back to Logan for work.  The kids and I were able to stay with the kids at my mom’s for a few days and enjoy a couple of days with my sister’s and cousins.

It was a nice Spring Break for our family.  It’s fun to be back in Utah again and close enough that we can spend a few days with cousins.

Overall, it was an exciting March.

…and even more exciting to have it blogged.


Andrea Worley said...

What a fun March you had! So awesome you got to catch up with your best friend!

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