Thursday, June 25, 2015

February Happening 2015

If you are not up to speed on this blog, I am trying to play catch up with just the everyday little happenings in our life.  I don’t want to miss a thing when I finally get to my 2015 scrapbook.  I think it will be coming up fast too, because I am already on my 2009 scrapbook, and have been for only a year or two. (wink, wink)  I have so much time for scrapbooking.

I will be grateful when the 2015 scrapbooking finally rolls around, and this all recorded.  It might be 2035 when I get to 2015 so it will help that I’ve already written the memories down.  I’m not likely to remember them in 20 years.

I have shared quite a bit with my 365 project, but some of it has gone unrecorded, or I want more of it here; with more description and detail.

I already blogged an entire post about our most exciting February adventure and now I’m just finishing up with a few of the random February day to day things.

Swenson Family February 2015:

1. Before we left for our Hawaiian vacation, I decided that I should put out a few Valentine’s decorations since I would be home just a few days before the Holiday.  I thought the kids would enjoy seeing them, and seeing them might remind them how much I love them; even when I am away. photo house for Valentines-0227_zpsuxrstwl8.jpg

I also made a little love note with a treat attached for every day of February leading up to Valentines.  So while we were gone they were receiving a little love note.  It think it helped not to miss us so much.  I was home by the 14th so I took care of the Valentine’s Day treat.  I always leave it at the door, and then I knock and run.  My kids love this tradition.

2. We always buy season tickets to Utah State Basketball.  We enjoy doing this together all winter as a family. 

 photo IMG_7979_zpsonokjehc.jpg

My favorite part is that our kids really are true aggie fans.  They know all the chants and cheers, and sing right along.  It’s so fun to do this as a family.

…and sometimes the kids even bring friends along.

 photo IMG_7984_zpspdgi2rwr.jpg

3. One week at preschool Tessa was the star of the week.  That means she is in charge of bringing the snack.  It was so close to Valentine’s Day, that she decided she wanted to make sugar cookies to take for the class.

 photo Tess making some cookies-0563_zpsefilbqcr.jpg

We had a great time working together in the kitchen making the cookies, and the frosting.

 photo Tess making some cookies-0567_zpsceij1u94.jpg

  We did this over the course of a couple days.  One day making dough, rolling out, and baking.

 photo Tess making some cookies-0583_zps4e92sdw1.jpg 

Then the next day we frosted and sprinkled.  Tessa really liked this part.

 photo Tess making some cookies-05822_zps2cwwspaw.jpg

I wish I could have been there to see the smile on her face as she passed them out to all her friends.

4. Valentines came and went with out to many exciting things going on.  The kids wanted to keep their Valentines super simple this year.  They didn’t want me to make them with a picture like I usually do; because that would be super embarrassing.  Not super cool because it was different, and who wants to be different?  But what do I know?  I’m the mom who thrives on being a little different.

 photo Valentines 2015-0276_zpsm3eqpnu8.jpg

 photo Valentines 2015-0278_zpsliz2hcuh.jpg

My friend had a darling idea though, and some leftover gumballs from her Valentine project, so she shared with us.  It really did make an adorable Valentine. photo Valentines 2015-0314_zpsnlqn4xsz.jpg

It was kind of nice not to have to think to hard. Thanks Emily.

 photo Valentines 2015-0306_zpsxrlpcdxu.jpg

Stella wanted a fancy box.  I bought the supplies, but she put it together on her own.  I think it turned out great, and went well with her gumball theme.

5. Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, and we needed to head to Utah County to attend a family function on Sunday.  That left us with limited time at home on Valentine’s Day morning.

 photo Valentines iphone-7868_zps6dv3tmo7.jpg

I did take the time to teach the kids how to dip Strawberries in chocolate.

 photo Chocolate covered strawberries-0325_zpsuqkanvgq.jpg

Once I showed them how to do one, they were on their way.

 photo Chocolate covered strawberries-0328_zpsuwbrh5cs.jpg

The hardest part is trying not to lick your fingers.

 photo Valentines iphone-7878_zpstqh2o7ss.jpg

…but they sure are a delicious Love day food.

 photo Valentines iphone-7883_zpshxkmksdo.jpg

6. Each year, our ward reserves Beaver Mountain and our whole ward is invited to go night skiing.  It is such a fun activity.  I always stay in the lodge and just enjoy all the yummy food.  The kids and Jonathan take off, and enjoy skiing at night.  It’s always fun to do things just a little different than the normal way.  It’s even better to share a night with people that you love from church.

 photo night skiing iphone-7848_zpsoth552po.jpg

7. We also got to celebrate one of our favorite cousins coming home from his mission this month.  Elder Argyle, my kids cousin served a 2 year mission in Oregon.

  photo Elder Argyle comes home-7816_zpszstwofgw.jpg

They were so excited to see him again.  I am always thankful for the wonderful example that the older cousins are to our kids.

 photo Elder Argyle comes home-7820_zpsmbyy0xjl.jpg

8.  After our Hawaii trip, we ended the month of February with some unseasonably warm weather.

After our trip, and my long winter’s nap from vacation, we enjoyed the rest of February doing our normal school routine.  February seemed to be unseasonably warm for Utah.  One afternoon, we went to the park because it was such a nice day.


The little’s rode their scooters.


I enjoyed watching them play.

I’m still bundled even though it is warmer, but I just left Hawaii not too long ago; so anything feels a little cold to me.  Although everyone in Utah thinks it’s so warm.


The kids thought it was so warm, and played without shoes and socks.


I was sure their little piggies were so cold.  They assured me they were not.

February was a great month.  It’s even greater that I have finally recorded it.


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