Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Your Comfort Zone.

I heard this awesome quote the other day.  I can’t even remember where I heard it.

I do remember that I immediately put it in my phone, because I loved it so much.

I’m sharing because it got me thinking, and I thought it might get you a thinking a little too.

 photo Comfort Zone_zps80sprred.jpg

It reminded me of a time that I really had to step out of comfort zone.

It was when we moved to Saba, an island in the Caribbean.

I was pregnant with Stella, and had never lived outside of Utah.

I was scared. 

I left the comfort of Utah, and it proved to make my life significantly better and more enriching.

It’s important to step out of our comfort zones sometimes.

It doesn’t have to be moving across the country.

It could just be calling someone you barely know, and asking them to lunch or if you can help them in any way.

It might be taking a new job.

It might be trying a new restaurant.

You could try a new color in your house decor.

You could try a new color on your hair.

You could get in the car, and drive to a new place just to check it out.

It might be booking that trip to somewhere you have never been.

You may possibly be considering wallpapering your bathroom; do it.

Buy those eccentric workout pants; just for fun.

Whatever it is, try stepping out of your comfort zone.

When I have done so, it’s proved to make my life better than I could have imagined.

Stepping out of my comfort zone has taught me more lessons in life than I could ever list.

Take the leap.

(this is picture of the island that we lived on, and represents me taking my own leap out of my comfort zone)


Stella said...

I love this post; setting new goals. Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do but never have done before.
I've been reading more posts posts and again; I love love love being here. Thanks for sharing with us; your posts are uplifting and inspiring!

Eileen said...


Wait. This isn't FB.

Becky said...

We are entertaining a job prospect right now that I NEVER thought I would entertain. Thank you for this quote - it is just what I needed to hear right now!!

julie said...

Fantastic piece of advice, love the photo :) xxx

KW said...

Great quote! love it

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