Monday, March 23, 2015

Dreams do come true.

I’m starting a new phase of life.  For 12 years I have been mom to 4 little people.  People that needed my help to dress, eat, sleep, and even go to the bathroom.


Now, all 4 little people are bigger people that don’t need help with those things anymore.  My job as a mom is more emotional now, than it is physical. 


My brain goes in to overdrive when my life and my job changes.  I compare it to a job change or a position change that you go through at work.  When that happens, it always takes time to figure out how to do the new job. 

Along with the change of trying to understand “tweenagers”, and an almost teenager, my baby will soon be going to Kindergarten.  Ahhh!!!  When my kids were little, I thought this day would never come.  It is almost here.  In Utah, Kindergarten is only half day, so I feel that I’m easing in to it. 

What will I do during the day, with all my children in school?


I’m actually not too worried about it. 

I have plenty to do. 

Like figuring out how to parent teenagers.  I might be reading lots of parenting books while my kids are at school.  With all the kids in school, I will now have more classrooms to volunteer in; which will take more of my time as well. I will have time to take lunch to my husband, and share an hour with him in the middle of our day. I hope to be able to serve a little more.  I would also like to spend more time at the Logan Temple; which is an important building in our church. And of course, I will start crossing off some of the projects on my list.  I might even get caught up on some scrapbooking.

Eleven Months copy

I know that I have plenty to keep me busy.  However, my kids are really worried about what I’ll do.  The oldest two kids keep asking me if I’ll go back to work, or will I go back to school?  They are worried that I will be bored.  They are worried that I have dreams that I want to fulfill and accomplish.  I do have dreams.  I do have things that I would love to do.

So, I started thinking about my dreams the other day.  You know what I realized?

I am living my dream.

Jex, you are my dream. I always wanted to be a mom to a cute chubby little baby boy, and then how surprised I was when I was given you as my first born. I am blessed.

DSC_0053 copy

Stella, I prayed for you, you are very much my dream. In fact, before I knew I was pregnant with you, I actually had a dream about you. 


Isaac, I always wanted a sweet blue-eyed boy, with a passion for life.  You are also my dream.


Tessa, I dreamed of a little girl that I could doll-up with piggy tails and bows. A little girl that would hold my hand, and had the prettiest smile.  You are my dream.

Tess 1

I dreamed about having 4 kids; 2 boys and 2 girls.  WOW!! That turned out well.

Dinner Best

Jonathan, as a young girl, I always dreamed of marrying a handsome man, who loved me more than anything.  I know you do.  You give me so much love everyday.  You have fulfilled one of my greatest dreams. As an added bonus, you are very handsome.

 I heart you 2 sharp

All five of you, complete the dreams of the young Andrea.  You make me who I wanted to become; always a wife and a mother.  When I was very much a “tweenager” and teenager myself, I often dreamed of what it would be like to be a wife and a mother.  I never dreamed about being a graphic designer(which is what I would go back to school for), or dreamed about being a photographer.

Family Hug edit CS5

Having a family is always what I dreamed about.

So.. sweet children who are worried about me.  Thank you for making me think about my dreams.

It helped me realize I am already living them.

This is our life 

You are my dreams.

My dreams really have come true.


Tara said...

You're so good, Andrea - I was thinking of you today, wishing I could call you up for some advice, but running around too crazy to stop long enough for that. This post was great for me - I've been struggling a lot lately with priorities and squeezing too many things into too little time and trying so very hard to make it work when it just doesn't. It's not even anything so very complicated or crazy; it's just too much for me personally. This was a very timely reminder for me to embrace the important people in my life as the best dream. Thank you!

KW said...

I know I will find plenty of things to do as well when my kids are in school. No need to worry about me :)

Simply Domestic said...

I love this post, Andrea. People would always ask me what I wanted to do when the kids grew up and I would always answer...I'm doing exactly what I want I've always wanted to do-be a wife and mom! Bless you!!

Ann LiveGrowWrite said...

This is the sweetest post! And you are right, our jobs as moms do change with the ages and stages of our families. My oldest is bursting into teendom (Lord have mercy!) and I can feel my role as Momma changing once again. Thank you for sharing this post.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya KW : )

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