Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our Eve.

Yes.  Today is New Years.  And the recent Eve we celebrated was just last night.

Guess what I did on that big holiday?

I slept.

I feel asleep on the couch while the kids watched Scooby Doo movies and played the game of life.

I was so asleep that I slept right through the new year and my cute husband woke me up at 1:00am.

I’m an awesome wife and mom I tell you.

To my credit, I did have an epidural in my neck earlier in the day.

…and I think the Christmas hoop-la must have wore me right out.

I did however stay awake for Christmas Eve which is always a favorite of mine.

It was a wonderful night.

The kids went skiing in the morning.

Then we took a few moments to decorate cookies for Santa.

 photo CookiesforSanta_zps7b39ae76.jpg

The kids spent some time wrapping their presents for each other, and then we got the house all ready for a Christmas Eve party.

Jonathan has 2 sisters that live in Logan.  It is always nice to share an evening with family and cousins.

We shared a nice meal of ham, cheesy potatoes, and all the yummy sides.

We also had a fun little photo booth to commemorate the night.

 photo ChristmasEve-0253_zps38430ae8.jpg

This is Jonathan’s oldest sister JoDean and her family.

 photo ChristmasEve-0263_zpsc021c88c.jpg

…and this is Jonathan’s youngest sister Lorinda and her family.

Jonathan has four sisters, and no brothers.  It is nice to have a couple close by.

 photo ChristmasEve-0269_zps9d51ba2f.jpg

…and this is our family; if you didn’t know.

Once our guests left for the night we enjoyed a few of our family traditions.

 photo ChristmasEve-0285_zps60a132f2.jpg

The kids opened gifts from one another. The boys desperately wanted a pair of these Nike Elite socks.

 photo ChristmasEve-0287_zpsffd28390.jpg

They opened their non-traditional pajamas.  We decided to buy the kids nice warm comfy outfits that they could wear on those lazy days instead of just Christmas jammies.

 photo ChristmasEve-0274_zps44413253.jpg

Another Christmas Eve tradition is to give the kids an ornament.  We do this so that when they move away, they can have an ornament collection for their own tree.

 photo ChristmasEve-0276_zps2e716899.jpg

We try to buy something that represents something that has taken place during the year.

 photo verymerry_zps80f66cd6.jpg

This year I picked a glittery star to remind the children of our family theme.

 photo ChristmasEve-0281_zps99be5bec.jpg

I started our theme this year at the beginning of the school year.  I plan to have it go until next school year where I will introduce a new theme.

Our theme this year was:

 photo ChristmasEve-0354_zps3fc47a1b.jpg

You can read more about that here.

 photo ChristmasEve-0290_zps3f3a2ecb.jpg

We ended the evening reading a few Christmas stories. 

 photo traditions_zpsd03c87ac.jpg

This has been an ongoing monthly tradition.  We have read Christmas stories almost every night.

 photo ChristmasEve-0292_zps3c7f1039.jpg

It was then time to set out the cookies and leave some carrots outside for the reindeer.

We even have a special magical key that Isaac left at the front door so Santa could get in; just in case it wouldn’t work to come down the chimney.

 photo merrytoall_zps02148a36.jpg

My favorite part of the evening is seeing the beautifully wrapped gifts all set out for the night.  It’s one of the most magical parts.

 photo goodnight_zpse4c6b0a9.jpg


Annette said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve.

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