Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Today, I must say thank you to all of my blog followers for your kind comments this weekend.  It seems as though JandA&Co. had some controversy this weekend.  I must apologize for letting my feeling show with such boldness.  I know the original comment that I posted about was not meant to hurt me.   I did however want to address it in hopes to explain why I don’t play the perfection game. I shared that post in hopes that you would know I don’t blog to gain fame, fortune, or to be perceived as anything more then just a normal mom. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject. Once again, thank you to those who left such uplifting comments. Uplifting is what I want my blog to be.  I never want you to walk away from here feeling discouraged.  That is why I choose to keep my blog upbeat.  Thanks again to those who sent me emails, and left comments with such sweet words.  You all made my weekend so special.

Today, I let my kids eat a donut for breakfast.

Today, I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness.

Today, I enjoyed singing with my children. We sang a beautiful hymn about God’s creations before they went to school.

 photo SPringflowers-0660_zps08907c28.jpg

Today, I smiled when I saw a man at the grocery store open the door for his wife, and then kindly push a stray cart back to the stall.  Gentlemen do exist.  I smiled because I am lucky to be married to one.

Today, I felt sad when I went through my pictures and realized how few pictures I took of our family events and goings on since we moved.(that’s why these pictures in this post are not recent)  I miss my camera.

 photo SPringflowers-0121_zps0dcf7a7d.jpg

Today, I challenged myself to use my camera more, specifically capturing the little things that happen around here.

Today, I smiled when I saw these beautiful scenery pictures I took in PA last spring.  The world around us can be beautifully captured and used as art.

 photo SPringflowers-0640_zps5b965dcf.jpg

Today, I worked on a little project for baby Ruby’s birthday.   It amazing to think that should would be two.

Today, I enjoyed every minute of working in Isaac’s kindergarten class.  Sometimes I secretly think it would be fun to be a teacher.

Tonight, I worked hard making dinner for my family and my sister-in-law’s family.  Baked Spaghetti found here; and it was YUMMO!!  My SIL and I take a turn one night each week making dinner for one another.  I love it because one night I don’t have to cook, and I get to eat her yummy food.  I also love that I get to prepare for their family each week as well.  It has been a win-win.  I suggest everyone find a neighbor and get to meal swapping. 

 photo HouseatnightforChristmas-0231_zps224e4c86.jpg

Tonight, I was riding the bike at the gym.  I felt a little kiss on my cheek; it was my hubby.  It gave my butterflies.

 photo FamilyPics20121.jpg

Tonight, when I got home from the gym I spied a homemade hair bow and a note.  They were both made by Stella for a neighbor girl.  It does my heart good to see my children serve one another.

Tonight, I read to my kids.  We are reading Kingdom Keepers.  While I read Stella always French braids my hair.

 photo FamilyPics201210.jpg

Tonight, I had a bed time snack.  It was a beautiful fresh peach pie that my neighbors just brought to the door.

Tonight, I must say I am one blessed girl.  There is much to be thankful for.


For Every Occasion said...

I LOVE your blog! Whenever I need a yummy recipe or gift idea I check your archives!

Heather L. said...

Oh my goodness - do you have a ribbon tied around your two liter bottle on your dinner table? I think we are soul sisters LOL! I tie ribbon around everything (probably because I make hair bows so I have it every.where.) Love all the pictures and the thoughts!

KW said...

I'm impressed with how much blogging you are doing lately! Good job, I need to get mine going again!

Simply Domestic said...

What a sweet post! I love that you and your SIL cook for each other. You are such a precious lady. I loved your "controversial" post. I'm glad you were bold. Your heart is beautiful.

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