Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baseball Mom

I want a shirt that says Baseball mom; I would wear it proudly.

 photo Jexplayingbaseball-0011_zps9e92be71.jpg

I love baseball, and I could just sit at the park all day.

 photo Jexplayingbaseball-0018_zpsa778c511.jpg

There is something so relaxing about being at the ball field.

Even though it keeps us all so busy this time of year at 3 nights a week, I actually look forward to those nights.  The kids love to be at the ballpark too; even when it is hot and muggy.

 photo JexBaseball-0081_zps00ba9420.jpg

I look forward to getting out of the house, and having a break from the regular nightly routine.

 photo JexBaseball-0065_zps9b1d64d4.jpg

I love sitting outside, enjoying the weather and cheering for my baseball player.

It has been fun to watch him grow and learn.

 photo JexBaseball-0087_zpsa6060c82.jpg

He is becoming such a good ball player; just like his dad.

It is fun to watch these two play catch together.  What a bonding experience.

 photo cr_zps98dcbad5.jpg

Jonathan has taught Jex to be quite the pitcher.

 photo JexBaseball-0073_zpsd2fcce8b.jpg

Jex gets in the zone, and once he is there he can strike out anyone.

 photo Jexplayingbaseball-0014_zps53768a1f.jpg

Way to go Jex!!

Thanks for making me a Baseball Mom!!


Sara Smeby said...

I'm a Baseball Mom, too (and a Softball Mom and a Tee Ball Mom)! Such a great game... Love your pictures! Our seasons are winding down before All-Stars and tournaments begin, but it's been a lovely spring.

Thanks for a great post!


Hey, I Love Your Bag! 

KW said...

He looks just like Jonathan in these pics!

Jo Jo said...

They are great pics! Me too, me too, me too!

Colleen said...

so cute! I would like that too. Love being outside in the nicer weather. we have to enjoy it while it lasts!

Katie said...

Love the post! You would love this Baseball Mom necklace that my sister makes. Check it out!


Lorinda said...

OK, so Jex looks so cute in those baseball nicker things and red socks!

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