Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thanks for coming…

I just wanted to say….

 photo SPringflowers-0602_zps31221201.jpg

 photo SPringflowers-0606_zpse9f34526.jpg

 photo SPringflowers-0635_zps287a1b7a.jpg

 photo SPringflowers-0640_zpsf04aef93.jpg

 photo SPringflowers-0660_zpsd7bbe88a.jpg

 photo SPringflowers-0622_zpsf81684f0.jpg

…could you possibly warm up some?  It’s still just a little to chilly for me.

Also, Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and faithfully read it.

I love seeing you here.

 photo SPringflowers-0644_zps2d924773.jpg

Here’s to hoping for warmer days.

I enjoyed walking around with this little cutie and snapping these spring pictures with our camera’s.

  photo tesstakingpictures-0679_zps926f2bf2.jpg

Isn’t she cute?


Anonymous said...

Love your shots! And yes, she is cute!

julie said...

Oh my gosh, I love your blog. You have the cutest family ever, and I have loved watching them grow. You write about 'real stuff', and it's so refreshing to read another mum's view on life and everything that goes with it! Your photography is breathtakingly brilliant ..... thank you :) Julie xx

Enjoying this beautiful life we've created said...

I love your blog...your creative ideas and inspiring thoughts...your beautiful photos and fresh outlook on family and motherhood!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

She is a cutie! Lovely, lovely photos!

Creative Cole said...

Seriously BEAUTIFUL pictures! I think I want to hang them on my wall. Can I? :)

Krysta said...

Beautiful photos!

Simply Domestic said...

I think it still a bit cool here in Texas so I can't imagine how you feel! Your pictures are beautiful!

Leslie Posey said...

awe my little tess!! I miss her so much!! Give her a huge hug for me!

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