Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Favorites.

It is Monday, October 29th.  I am sitting here at my computer trying to get some things done before we loose power.  I thought I would try to get some posts in to my live writer, and hopefully they will just post for me even if we loose power.  We shall see if that works.  I plan to have this post on Halloween Day.  I tell you this so that my writing makes sense.  I am writing this pre-hurricane, but this will post after the worst of it has hit here.


We are sitting here in our house all hunkered down preparing for Hurricane Sandy and the wrath of it’s storm.  It is raining like crazy here, and water is starting to puddle.  Our basement already has water in it.  It’s a good thing it is just a dungeon down there.  The winds haven’t picked up yet, but I am sure they will this evening and in to tomorrow.(remember I am writing this on Monday, but the worst is to hit us Tuesday)

Post edit: Ok so it is 2 in the after noon here on Monday, the winds are starting to pick up now, and tree branches have started to fall.  The house is starting to rattle a little.


Schools are closed, and even Jonathan got sent home from work.  Which is a miracle for a doctor.  Usually doctor’s work regardless of what is happening outside.  I am thankful to have him home with us.


The sounds of the storm are getting louder.  I once heard that the sounds of a hurricane will drive you the most crazy.  It has been referred to as the sound of a really large freight train.  I feel lucky that in our two years while living in the Caribbean we never encountered a hurricane. 

Now, here we sit waiting out the effects of Sandy here in PA.


I will say that it is nice to just be at home all cozy with my family.  I say that now because we still have power.  A few days without power might make me a little crazy.  I will get back to you on that one.


I am feeling bummed that we may not get to celebrate Halloween this year.  It doesn’t sound fun to trick or treat in a massive storm.  Our church trunk or treat has already been canceled and I am guessing that trick or treating might be as well.  I am hoping PA might reschedule that for another day.  I love Halloween night.  We might just stay inside and dress up anyway.

In honor of Halloween, and the possibility of not celebrating it.  I wanted to share a few of my new favorite Halloween additions.

(please note: these are not the best pictures.  I wanted to share these, but it is awfully gloomy outside which doesn’t make for great pictures inside, but you are getting them anyway.)


I received a package in the mail the other day from my friend from High school.(hi Chelsey!)  We were cheerleaders together and never really ran around together, but friends none the less.  We have reconnected through blogs, Facebook, and Instagram. Even thought that is the only form of communication we have, and not to mention I haven’t seen her in 15 years; I consider her one of my dearest friends. She recently moved from Utah to Washington state.  It is fun to have a friend on the other side of the U.S.  It was so fun to receive a package from there as well.  She picked up these darling tea towels for me.


I saw them on her Instagram and fell in love.  They are even cuter in person.  They look so cute hanging on my oven in the kitchen.  Thanks Chelsey, maybe someday we can meet up in Utah and have lunch.


(taken with my iphone)

While my Mother in Law was here she picked up these adorable place mats for us.  They look so cute on our table.


They look even cuter with this quilted table runner that she brought me.  She made this for me, as a thank you for supporting Jonathan along his journey with medical school.  Isn’t that so sweet?


She knows how much I love Halloween, and just had to buy the kit and make it for me.  It is my new favorite.  I told her I need one for every holiday.  Ha ha ha.  I can’t imagine how many hours she put in to making this.  I will treasure it forever.


I grin from ear to ear every time I look at the fabric on the back.  I think it is just so adorable. (everyone all dressed up in their vintage costumes)


Whenever she makes something, she sews a little pocket on it.


Inside the pocket she tucks away a message.  I just think that is such a clever way to leave a thought. 


Thanks Grandma and Chelsey for adding to our Halloween fun.

Now here’s hoping this storm lets up so we can do some trick or treating.


Shortcake and Company said...'re welcome Andrea! I have love reconnecting with you, for sure! And that quilt is adorable from your MIL. I'm sure your home is downright adorable. Stay safe!

Beth Curtis said...

I am hoping you are celebrating today! I am loving your storm pics, hope it wasn't too bad for you.

Krysta said...

What a cute quilt! It is pefect for you. I would never have thought to have a little pocket tucked away in it. How creative! I am glad you got to celebrate afterall.

KB said...

The quilt is so cute! Hoping you all didn't suffer too much damage.

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