Monday, February 20, 2012

The gift of Music [and more about me then you probably wanted to know]

For those of you who really know me, you would know that I am my happiest when I am listening to music.

Music to my ears

I love country music.  I also like pop, but country is in my blood.  It is who I am. I was raised listening to country music. I have a greater appreciation for it now that we live in the South.

A few more random facts about me:

Some of you may not know that I follow the country billboard chart every week.

My husband and children know that when mom is in a bad mood all they have to do is turn on some good old country music, or something with a beat and my attitude changes.

I also find exercise to be so much more fun when I am listening to music I love.

I can tell you the name of almost every country artist that you hear on the radio, and I have probably read all the information about them on Wikipedia.  (don’t you just love wiki?) It’s like my own little gossip magazine, but a place that holds actual facts.  I like that about it; I like facts.  I enjoy learning about people, especially people who make music.

Ok, I know you are all starting to think this girl has got to find better things to do with her time.

Thankfully, my husband has also grown to appreciate country music as much as me.  We both have a love for it, and we enjoy talking about the different songs and artists we enjoy.

Country music talks about real life.  There are great stories to be found in the words of a country song. 

Now that you know all this about me, you will understand why I believe I got the best Christmas gifts ever this year.

I haven’t talked about my Christmas yet.  I have been saving the surprise.

This year on Christmas morning, I had two really big boxes from Jonathan to open.  When I opened the first box, I found a blanket inside that we already owned.  I had to laugh at Jonathan’s creative wrapping style.  When I unfolded the blanket, an envelope fell out.  Inside the envelope were tickets to see Rascal Flatts.

Next, he had me open the other box.  I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I assumed it might be another pair of tickets.  I had been talking to him about an Eric Church concert that might be fun.  I thought it might be tickets to that.  Much to my surprise, when I unfolded another already owned blanket, and opened another envelope; I was shocked. 

The first thing I read on the tickets:

“My Kinda Party” Jason Aldean. 

Now for those of you who really know me, you would know that Jason is my favorite.  I can listen to his albums over and over.  I love all of Jason’s hits that play on the radio, but I enjoy the music he picks for his albums more. The songs that don’t get any air time.  He has a knack for picking great songs.

I was so surprised to see his name on the tickets, because I knew he was not coming to Little Rock this year.  Jonathan stumbled upon a concert that Jason added in Jonesboro which is 2 1/2 hours from us.  I was ecstatic.  Even better news, Luke Bryan was coming with him.  He is also a favorite.

I have thought about these two gifts for weeks.  I have been on the countdown, and it was finally time.

Jason Aldean Concert 2 edit

Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Lauren Alaina on Feb. 3rd in Jonesboro.

Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean edit

It was amazing.  The best part was when Jason Aldean got off the stage and came to the back of the pit and stood right in front of us. He sang one of our favorite songs with Luke Bryan, “we rode in trucks.” I got that on video. I love it even more when they sing acoustic.

I loved sharing this with Jonathan.  He is the cutest cowboy I know.  Jonathan grew up on a farm, raising cattle, and hauling hay.  I love when he gets dressed up and goes back to his roots.

All three artists were amazing.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Us at Aldean

is it even worth sharing these yucky phone pictures? I guess to show that we enjoyed this together.

I only had my iphone for this venue.  I could kick myself for not taking my real camera. My phone doesn’t take the best pictures.

Concert with the kids-3

Just six days later, Jonathan decided to surprise us one more time.  He brought home tickets for Jex, Stella, and I to go with him to a small concert venue.  This was so fun for the kids to be up close to real country stars, and hear them sing songs they hear on the radio.

This concert was a benefit for St.Judes.  All of the proceeds went to help the cancer research center.

Concert with the kids-2

It was one of those venues with open seating, all really close to the stage.  We had to wait outside for close to an hour for the doors to open.  It was a cold cold night.

Concert with the kids-4 ed

So grateful I brought my nice camera to this one.

Concert with the kids-5

It was so much fun hanging out with our two oldest kids. We are pretty luck parents.

Concert with the kids-9 ed

We saw: Kip Moore, Josh Turner, and Lauren Alaina(again) on Feb. 9th.

Josh Turner Kip Moore Lauren Alaina Concert with kids

For those of you who don’t know, Lauren Alaina was on American Idol last year.  The kids really like her. She was just as good the second time.

Concert with the kids-10 ed

After the concert, Jex told me that Josh Turner is his new favorite.  He was pretty awesome.

And last but not least:

Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans, and Hunter Hayes on Feb. 11th in Little Rock

Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans, Hunter Hayes Concert

This was amazing.  All three artists have a sort of spiritual quality about them.

Flatts Concert-5 

I enjoyed all of them.  Flatts put on quite a show with amazing backdrops and props.  Most of their music is uplifting with a wonderful message.

Flatts Concert-8

My favorite part of the night was when they sang their last song; “He’s not the leaving kind.”  If you haven’t heard this song before, the title is referencing God.  While they sang, a whole fleet of Marines took the stage.  I was brought to tears.

Us at Flatts

also taken with iphone

I must say that the last few weeks have been awesome.  It was a wonderful gift.  I love gifts that leave lasting memories.

Thanks Jonathan for sharing a great life with me and making it fun too. You always put so much thought into gifts.  I love you for that.

P.S.  Jonathan just told me that he bought us tickets to see Miranda Lambert in April.  I love you J!

P.P.S.  Speaking of Music, I am in love with this song right now. Just to prove to you that I like other music outside the country world.


Candice said...

Wow how fun! I love love love country music too!

KW said...

I think country music is just in our blood!!

Courtney Eads said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your cute pictures and ideas! What a fun concert to go to!!

Krysta said...

Music is definitely the way to your heart! I love my country girl. :)

Jonathan is so cute to always take you to concerts. I know how much both of you love it.

Pam said...

I am so jealous! I wish I could have been there with you! And baggage claim by Miranda Lambert is one of my new favorite songs! Gifts that leave memories are some of the best gifts ever!

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