Monday, August 29, 2011

Too much to say… not enough time.

I keep a small notebook with me.  In the notebook, I have a page of scribbles where I jot down my thoughts and ideas.  Ideas and thoughts about blogging.  Many times what I feel inspired to blog about is something that I have been taught through my own experience.  I have found if I blog about it; I won’t forget.  I also like to blog about our family adventures and every day life.  It is a way for me to keep a history, and share our life with family far away. boo hoo.  I also think it is fun to add a project in there every now again. I love having a project to do. Sharing projects is way to really represent who I am on my blog.  So between personal thoughts, family, and projects to share, my list is growing quite large.  I feel like I don’t have enough time to ever catch up. 

I read a quote yesterday that said,

“If it isn’t in the scrapbook, it didn’t happen.” 

I think I am beginning to feel that way about my blog.  If I didn’t blog about it, it didn’t happen.  Which is good and bad.  I like that I keep a list.  It holds me accountable to continue on with the history of the Swenson family, without forgetting any of the important details.  

I am ready to start crossing things of my list.  I think I have a plan.  My plan includes blogging a little more; with less pressure to include every good picture. (which is going to be very hard for me.)   I am excited.  I am ready.  You may just see an update from me every day this week.(although I am not making any promises)

This week I hope to blog about Back to School.  My kids started 2 weeks ago.  I know I am a little bit behind.  Today, I wanted to share a little Back to School breakfast that I put together for the teachers at the kids school.  My friend Mandy and I had a lot of fun putting this together.  We found this idea on One Charming Party, and decided to use it at our school.

Davis welcome back breakfst

We served Krispy Kreme donuts and Juice. SIMPLE. SIMPLE. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be appreciated. It was a nice way for the teachers to come back to school.  They always get so excited when we decorate the teacher’s lounge.  It is always nice to be surprised by change.

Pencil cake

The pencil cake was simple.  We used a #10 can and put the pencils all around the outside with a rubber band to hold them around the can.  I drilled some holes in the top to put the pencils we used as candles, and some rubber bands for the icing.

cake 2 

My friend Mandy had this great cake plate.

Mandy found the apple table clothes which made the whole table scape come together.  She also made the black buckets with the school supplies.

sissors 2

I thought she was so clever when she just rolled up this sheet of paper, and stuffed it in this glass vase to hold the rulers.



I had these glass jars at my house.  I use them for treats and snacks. (see these glass jars are post that have been meaning to share about since the beginning of the summer; I can’t wait to tell you what we use them for)

Rubber bands  push pins cap erasers

The jars have chalkboard vinyl labels on them.  I thought that was very fitting with the school theme.  We filled them with some back to school supplies.

welcome back 2

This chalkboard hangs in my boys room.  I just took it down and used it for the banner.  I used a couple of easels and some school books to prop it up.

we love you 

and a little note for them. 

I grabbed a few books off my shelves to finish it all off.

Davis welcome back breakfst

This was such a fun event to put on for our teachers.  For the most part we were able to just grab things we had at home, and put it together when we got there.  I love when an event can come together so easily.

The school is one of those places that I love to volunteer my time.  I have found it is an important place to be. Eating lunch with the kids, being a member of the PTO, and volunteering in the classroom is time well spent.  Our school is so good about welcoming parents in.  I appreciate that my two youngest can roam the halls with me, or spend time in the classroom.  It is a good experience for all of us. 

Spending time at the school is one way to still be included in my kids time away from home. It is also a way for the teachers to know that I am involved and value their education. I also think the teachers need to know that they are loved and appreciated.

We love you teachers.  Thanks for all you do for our children.

I am crossing one post off my list now..  I just realized that this is a list that will just continue to grow.  It grows as life happens and…..

that is a good thing.


Marji said...

love your table scape, it turned out great! way to make the teachers happy the first week of school. I look forward to more blogging from you :)

katie@tulsadetails said...

So, so, so cute!!!!! Your kids' teachers must love you! You are so talented!!! Love it all!!

Krysta said...

So fun!! That made the teachers week, I'm sure of it.

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

What a fun idea!

jenny collier said...

Your blog is darling! Such a cute table.

Jenny Collier

Darlene said...

Love it! What a great welcome back!

Tara said...

So very cute! What a treat for those teachers. I'm so glad you persist in blogging (please ignore that I am such a slacker in this department...). I'm sure it's crazy keeping on top of it all, but you do such a good job!!! I'm looking forward to many more posts. :)

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