Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Sunday

Typically, I am on the ball and the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday morning. (I like to keep the Worldly Easter and the Sabbath Easter separate) I had to email the Bunny this year because Saturday was just a little to crazy for us.  I knew I wanted the kids to enjoy their baskets.  Our Saturday on Easter Weekend was really full with photography, golf, birthday parties, and baseball.  It was too much for the Easter Bunny to come also.  Thankfully, he received my email and it worked for him to come on Sunday this year.

Isaac was the first one up.  I was already in the kitchen, when he walked out and said, “where is that thing from the egg man?”  I laughed and laughed.  The Easter bunny typically just brings treats for the kids.  I love that Easter bunny.  I love consumable gifts.  He is one smart bunny.

My littlepeeps

After they sugared themselves up for breakfast, we got all dolled up for church.  I typically put a lot of effort in to what the girls will wear for Easter.  I usually just get a new tie or something for the boys.  I never have enough money for everyone to get something new.  This year, Krysta passed on a dress from Kaylee, and Tess wore one that I had for Stella.  That meant I could put a little more effort in to the boys.  I knew I had to get these vests when I saw them.  Luckily, they went on sale, and then a day later I got a 40% off coupon in my inbox.  I love a good deal.  Don’t they look handsome?

Easter 2011

Church was wonderful.  We had a spirit-filled Sunday.  I was able to talk the primary(children’s church) about the Resurrection and what it means for us.  I reminded the kids that it is sad that Jesus died, but the good news is that he lives.  He was resurrected.  Isaac’s teacher taught the same thing again once he went to his Sunbeam class.  On our way home from church he told us the whole story.  This is it in Isaac’s words:

“Mom, Jesus died.  The soldiers put him on a cross.  I am going to die someday too, but I don’t have to die like Jesus did on a cross.”  I said “I know, that is so sad, but what is the good news of the whole story?”  Isaac said, “he lives.”  I was so happy to know that he understood why we celebrate Easter. I am always so thankful to those who help us teach our children gospel principles.  One of the primary children asked me why we eat candy on Easter if we are celebrating the resurrection.  One of the primary teachers responded, “because the resurrection is so sweet.”  And it is; I am grateful that the Savior died for me so that I may live with him again.

After church, we quickly changed and headed out to Hot Springs.  Our friends the Baileys and Andersons invited us out to their parents house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt.  I told Pam and Marji that there mom must be crazy to invite our family, and add 6 more to their Easter celebration.  I know it isn’t easy to include a large family like ours, but it was really sweet.

Dinner was awesome.  It all tasted so delicious.  It is nice when a meal comes together when every one brings something to share.

The kids couldn’t wait to get to the hunt.  The daddy’s hid all the eggs, and then we let them go for it.  The little kids hunted first, and then the older ones.  It was fun watching the older kids race around the yard looking for eggs. 

the hunt

the race

We had such a nice Easter.  It was so wonderful to be included with the DeVaux family. 

The hunters

Easter Scrapbook pages

Easter 2011 1 copy

Easter 2011 2 copy

Keep going; one more Easter post.


Marji & Jim said...

It was fun to have you at our Easter celebration!

KW said...

Glad you were invited to celebrate with others. You have good friends. I could just gobble Tess up though, she is so stinkin' cute.

Krysta said...

Super cute pictures and super cute pages. Way to go!

A Cultivated Nest said...

Such great photos! All the kids are soooo cute!


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