Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Story of a Cookie.

We have a favorite grocery store here with the most amazing bakery.  When we go there, we can’t help but stop and pick out a goodie.

The rule is that you have to eat all of your lunch before you can have your bakery treat.

I think it took Stella until 5:00 last night to get her cookie.

Isaac did not like my rules.

This is his story:

I am so mad.  I am going to throw my lunch on the ground.

My mom makes me pick it up.


After I pick it up, I think I will hide in the corner.

Maybe she won’t see me over here, and forget about my lunch.

HIde 2

“Mom, please just let me have the cookie?”

After a long battle he realized that I am not going to say yes.

He screams with excitment when he has finished his lunch.

“MOM, I did it, can I have my cookie now?”

I smile when I see him squatting down eating his cookie.

Squat down

He is so happy.

Who wouldn’t be with all that frosting?

Cookie 2

Can’t wait to shove that in my mouth.

Cookie in the mouth

The reward really is sweet.

Don’t forget to check out Project 365.  I updated last weeks pictures.


Krysta said...

Good job to not give in! His facial expressions kill me.

They take after their mommy with their love of cookies. :)

Beth Curtis said...

oh man I am a total cookie monster and I feel Isaacs pain! I love the first pic.

Tiffany said...

It's amazing the power of a cookie! I love how happy and satisfied he looks once he got it. Too cute!

Tara said...

Those facial expressions are priceless - you know that strong will is going to serve him so well some day if you can survive it now! :)

KW said...

I am sorry, but I would have given in after seeing his sad face. I guess that is why I am the aunt.

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