Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Jex’s own Words…

My last baseball game was last Friday. 

We were visitor, so we were first to bat. 

I was second to bat. 

The boy who hit in front of me hit it to first and got out, so I had to get a hit.

We get 5 pitches in my league. 

I struck a few and fouled a few.

I had one pitch left, and POW!; I hit it all the way to

the fence.

I got a double.

My second at bat, was in the last inning.

There was two outs so I had to get a hit.

I struck a few, and fouled a few.

I had one pitch left, and POW!; I hit the ball so hard.

Not as far as the first one, but this time for some reason I was able to make it all the way home.

I scored a home run at: my last at bat, my last pitch,  my last game.

My team scored two runs that game, and I was the one who scored them.

I felt happy all night.

Texas Rangers

It was a great way to end the season.

My mom made these cool treats for my team a few games back.(sugar cookies on a stick)

Baseball Cookies

I love playing ball.


Krysta said...

Good job Jexy!! You should be so proud. All that hard work and practice pays off. I'm glad you had such a happy night!

Beth Curtis said...

yay Jex! Super cute post :)

Tiffany said...

What a sweet post. Great job Jex!

KW said...

Way to go Jex!!!

waldorf said...

Wow that is awesome!!! It seems like all of Brandon's games have been rainouts...we are going to be playing till the end of July at this rate! Love the cookies...may have to steal that idea :)

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