Sunday, April 11, 2010

Five Months

Tessa girl.

Mae Mae.

Missy Mae. 

You are five months old. 

Almost six.

Where did the time go?

Tess 4

You crack me up.

You give smiles so freely.

I have a hard time finding any pictures of you at this age without your mouth open in a huge grin.

Tess 7

You love eating cereal.

You are still sleeping so well.

You sing yourself to sleep.

We are all smitten with you.

Tess so serious

When Isaac hugs you, you bury your head in his shoulder.

Sometimes you cry when Isaac gets near you.

You laugh when Isaac cries.

Jex and Stella can make you laugh by saying "AAA-CHOO."

You are ticklish.

You like watching your mobile.

Tess mobile

You love listening to the rain on your sound machine.

You want me to hold you pretty much all day long.

You flail your arms when you are excited.

You are starting to get chubby.


 You love playing with anything you can get your hands on.

You get mad when I give the kids a snack, and I don't pass one out to you.

You are beautiful.Tess 5

You amaze me.Tess looking down

I love you.


Krysta said... sweet!!

KW said...

You finally dresses her in pink, yay!! Ha ha ha Just giving you a hard time. She is such an angel and I miss her already.

Lorinda said...

smitten is right. Tessa is something else. Chubby, smiley, yummy wonderful-ness. LOVE the close-up picture with the white background...I think 2nd or 3rd from the bottom. LOVE the black cows and mnts and your grandpa's green tractor. Perhaps I could frame those and hang them on my empty walls!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

How beautiful!! I just love your children! Especially in their baby/toddler stage, although they don't even slightly lose their beauty when they grow up into big kids!!

Jamie said...

Really?!! Where has the time gone?! She is sooo beautiful!

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