Monday, October 5, 2009

My Bags are packed I'm Ready to Go...


Okay so this was complete procrastination on my part.  I could not wrap my head around packing my bag.

After 3 kids you would think that I would know everything that you need.


After looking over the internet, I compiled 3 lists together to get exactly what I think I will need.


As I read over things like; nursing pads, blanket for the baby, socks.  I was thinking to myself, "could I really have forgotten that?"

I think I have got it covered now.

I would love to hear any little extras that you may think that I will need.


Jasons girls said...

So funny Andrea,I put it off too. I tooka big bag of Halloween candy for all the nurses and Doctor's to munch on. Also I took my own bathrobe and pillow, smells of home. Hope that helps, good luck !!

Sheffer's said...

I found that I was starving in the middle of the night the first night after I had the baby. I didn't want to call the nurse, I just wanted a snack. So I would suggest a few granola bars that you can keep next to your bed for those times you just need to eat something quick. :D Oh, and some movies if your room has a dvd player. Good luck!

Krysta said...

The T for Tessa on the bag is cute! I packed my boppy, I don't know if you have that on your list. I beat you in the procrastination! Doesn't if feel so good to have it done?

You'r halloween ideas are so cute. I can't wait to see more!

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