Monday, August 18, 2008

{Our New Blog...}

Several friends and I have gotten together to make a public blog full of all the creative ideas and thoughts we can come up with. It was hard for me to go private, and not be able to share all of that anymore. I am happy to say that it is up and running. I hope you find some wonderful, exciting, and all around fun information there. We hope to keep it uplifting, and inspiring. We hope you will check it out. Our blog is called "The Errand of Angels." There is a post on the blog to explain how the blog came about, and how I picked the name.

We hope to see you there!!!


Stephanie said...

Hey, I just went to the blog and it is looking great! Good posts! I actually had something to add, but I'm not sure I know how. Did you send me the info and I missed it? Let me know. You are an amazing woman!
On another note, how is residency? Do you get to see Jonathan much?

Krysta said...

Yeah! I'm loving this blog! What a great idea you had. I will post about it on my blog tomorrow.

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