Wednesday, August 13, 2008

{One year older and wiser too....}

...Happy Birthday to You!!!

I can't believe that my baby is six today. I just barely found out that I was pregnant with this little guy. Now he is big and off to school in less then a week. I can hardly say that this is fair. I remember his birth. It was such a special day for Jonathan and I. Our first baby, new parents, unfamiliar territory, and it all was so wonderful. I loved every minute of those first few days together. I had the baby blues for a few days, but not because I was sad. I would cry and cry because I was afriad something was going to happen to him, and I just loved him so much. He was such a beautiful baby. We didn't have a digital camera until he was one. I am including the first digital picture that I have of him. He is one in this picture, and reminds me of Isaac now.

In honor being six, I will post six things I love about Jex:

1. I love his desire to be good and righteous. He never wants to do anything wrong. He has always been one to ask me before he does anything, just to make sure it is the right thing to do. He also wants to make sure that others follow the rules. He is always so concerned when we go to a place like Mcdonalds, and they have a height restriction. He asks what it is, and makes sure that he is still the right size to be playing. Just last night, he was so concerned because Stella didn't say her prayers. She claims she did, but he said she didn't. After a while of being in bed, he came out and said, "I am having the worst night. I know that Stella didn't say her prayers, and I feel so sad that she didn't talk to Heavenly Father today." He had tears in his eyes, and genuine concern for her. He is an amazing boy. So much wisdom for a six year old.

2. I love watching him learn. He soaks up knowledge like a sponge. He can ask questions all day about "stuff", just because he can't get enough information. Then weeks later he can repeat back to you what he has learned. I love that learning is important to him.

3. I love how sensitive he is. Just today, we stopped at a store. I am looking for a new purse, and I wanted to check out this store. I asked him if it would be okay to do this on his birthday. It was on our way home, and I hated to go back out there. Anyways he was fine with it. When we got out, the store was closed because the power had gone out. He just looked at me and said, "I feel bad for you mom, I wanted you to be able to find you a purse." He doesn't want anyone to be disappointed or sad. He is always aware of others around him.

4. I love his wonderful manners. He is so polite. He is constantly saying please and thank you. He also goes out of his way to make sure you know that he thinks you look nice. If you do something extra special, he will tell you several times how much he loves it, and thank you. He really is the most polite child I have ever been around.

5. I love how happy he is all the time. He wakes up happy.(sometimes at the crack of dawn) But he always has a smile on his face. He laughs and giggles all day long. If you haven't heard his laugh before, you will just die when you do. You will die with laughter yourself, it is so contagious.

6. I love that his heros are the most wonderful men I know. He worships his dad. He loves watching and doing whatever Jonathan is doing. He also loves his Grandpas, and has always wanted to be just like them. I remember at a very early age, he wanted to mow the lawn with them. He likes to be in their back pocket when we are near them. When Jonathan is at home he follows him around the house. He also has a great love for the scripture heros; Nephi, Alma the Younger, Helaman, and Captain Moroni.

Jex and My DadJex and Jonathan's Dad

I love you Jex!! I am so happy to be your mother, and I thank Heavenly Father everyday that he sent you to our FAMILY!! I am so grateful that you are the oldest, you are such a wonderful example for your brother and sister.


Jasons girls said...


Savanna and Family... said...

What a cute boy. I feel like a month ago was his baby shower. I remember you being pregnant and so excited. You were so cute. You have always been such a great example. PLease invite me to your blog.

Dave and Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Jex!! You are such a great example and we love you so much!

Krysta said...

Happy birthday Jex! All of those things you said about him are so true! He is a special little boy and will always have a place in my heart. I loved the story you told about trying to find a purse today. I could just hear him saying that!

Jerald and Lorene said...

Your observations, comments, pictures for the birthday boy are wonderful. Jex is an amazing boy. We miss him so much. We love him so much. He reminds us of his Daddy. Thanks for sharing. Lorene

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Jex!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday, Jex! Looks like you had a great day -- we hope you have a fabulous year being SIX!

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