Wednesday, August 6, 2008

{My Dear little Stella}

I can't believe that 4 years have passed since the birth of our beautiful daughter. Four years ago, was such a trying time for us. We were so thankful to have a beautiful new baby, but so sad that we were separated. It was a wonderful day when Jonathan got to see his week old baby girl. So much has happened since that day. I am thankful for the gift of this little girl in our life. She has brought so much happiness to our family.

Here are FOUR of my favorite things about Stella:

1. I love that she wants to snuggle, kiss, hug, and love everyone in our family. There are times(like when you are late, and need to get out the door) that it can be annoying. However, I think it is a beautiful gift that she shares. I love that she speaks her love language through affection.

2. I also appreciate her need to know that she is loved. Especially when she has done something wrong, and has had a time out, or been told "no." She immediately needs comfort from whomever did the disciplining. She just needs to know that you love her, and that you aren't mad at her. I appreciate that in her.

3. I love how helpful she is. She enjoys doing chores, and helping me around the house. Some days, I come in the kitchen, and she is wiping everything down with a wipee, just to be helpful.

4. I love Stella's sense of humor, and how witty she is. She comes up with the funniest things. Often times it will surprise you with what she comes up with. Her are some normal conversations with Stella. All of theses happened today:

"Mom, why do we have such a nice doctor? (we went to the doctor, and she had 4 shots. So if she thinks that is nice she must really have a lot of faith in good people.) Anyways, I said, "I don't know, they are just nice people." She said, "I think it is because they think I am special."

She also said when asked what else she wants to do for her birthday, just after eating a whole root beer float, "go and get a snow cone?" With the biggest smile on her face. That girl has one giant sweet tooth.

She also kept asking me today why I was letting her do special things. I told her it was because it was her birthday. She said, "is it because you love me?" I love that she is 4, and already knows this.

What a blessing it is to be Stella's mother. Hooray for birthdays, and chance to reflect on the lives of our children, and also on their {BIRTH}-day

Here are a few pics of Stella with her cake and presents:


Kristin said...

Happy birthday Bella Bean...I love you and I can't wait to see you!!!

Krysta said...

What a fun way to journal about Stella. It sounds like she had a good day. Well, it is 1:08 a.m so I get to tell you Happy Birthday, Andrea! Happy 30th!

Lindsey and Nick said...

That is so cute! I loves that! I'm sure she loved her cake too bc that looked way yummy! Happy Birthday Stella!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea! 30, that's a wonderful year. For some reason I am stuck there. I hope you enjoy your day! Stella is so beautiful. I was really struck by what a beautiful baby she was too!

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