Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If you haven't listened... you should

For those of you who haven't listened to this talk, you should take the time. If you have, listen to it again. It recharges my batteries, as a young mother. A mother who gets overwhelmed at times. This is a wonderful reminder of why we do everything we do.,5239,23-1-851,00.html

Click on the link and then scroll down to Sunday Afternoon Session, and then Daughters of God. If you click on it you can read it, or on the right you can click on the real player icon, and actually watch it. ENJOY!!! I hope it lifts you up today.


Leila said...

One of the best talks ever given, for sure. I haven't taken a look at it since the Ensign first came out. I think I will take time to read it this afternoon. Thanks!

Krysta said...

This was my favorite talk, hands down. I remember sitting there that Sunday listening to it and thinking he was talking right to me. Casey kept looking at me the whole time thinking the same things I was thinking. We had it recorded and for weeks after I watched it A LOT!

HLFackrell said...

That is our lesson for tomorrow in RS. When I first read it I thought, well this doesn't appy to me. My kids are mostly grown. Then I remembered that little one that will soon be blessing my life as my granddaughter and I recanted my thoughts. It doesn't matter in what stage of life one is, the principles still apply.

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