Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Ideas

I know it is Thursday and time for What I have learned, but I am going to postpone it until tomorrow.  I wanted to share what we are making for our Valentines this year.  I wanted to post it in enough time to leave you with some good ideas to get rolling with your own Valentines.

Every year, I make the kids Valentines with a photo card.  It makes it fun and personal.  So let’s start with Jex:

I found the original idea for Jex here on Pinterest.

Here is Jex’s card:

Jex Valentine copy

Once we print the photos, I find that it is easy to mat them on mat stacks.

Valentines for Classmates-3

  They work perfect with 4x6 photos and can be bought at Hobby Lobby.

Valentines for Classmates-6 

I printed this little number out to go on the back.

Valentines for Classmates-7 

That way the kids can personalize and address each one.

Valentine To From Printable copy

You are welcome to use this little printable as well.

Go here to find it.

As a treat to go with Jex’s Valentine:

Valentines for Classmates-4

A mustache attached to a fun straw, a water bottle, and a drink mix.

Valentines for Classmates-5

We placed them in these fun bags, and then tied them all up and added the Valentine.

Valentines for Classmates-8

Stella’s card:

Stella Valentine copy

I came up with this little idea on my own.

To go along with the card:

Valentines for Classmates-9

Hot chocolate and heart marshmallows, all dolled up in a cute polka dot bag.

Valentines for Classmates-10

It was easy to place these inside, and then just staple the card on.

Valentines for Classmates-11

Isaac’s card looks a little something like this:

Ike valentine 2 copy

For his treat, I get to make the class something.  His preschool allows that which is so fun.

Valentines for Classmates-12

So I am using these items to make some really cute mini cupcakes.

I haven’t made them yet, because I want them to be fresh for the big day.

I plan to make cupcakes in mini ice cream cones with a little pink icing on the top.  I hope these will look just like mini ice cream cones, which happen to be one of Isaac’s “favorite” treats.

I plan to place them in these cute boxes and wrap them up in these fun clear bags.  Then attach the Valentine.

Valentines for Classmates-2

…and because I couldn’t leave out the little miss, here is her Valentine:

Tess Valentine copy

Well a couple for her…

tess Valentine 2 copy

I couldn’t resist.

Tess and Ike valentine

Thanks for checking out our Valentines.  I plan to share what Isaac’s treat looks like on the big day.

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Simply Domestic said...

So cute! I love the hot chocolate idea! Your kids are beautiful, by the way!

Marji Anderson said...

i love them! they all turned out so cute, good job!

Andrea said...

those are simply adorable!! such great ideas!

Jamie said...

Ridiculously cute Andrea! You have some pretty darn cute models to work with!;) Thanks for sharing your darling ideas!!

Beth Curtis said...

OMG! Those are ALL so adorable! I love Jax's picture. You are so insanely creative!

Krysta said...

They turned out adorable!!

KW said...

These turned out so cute. Tessa looks like a little girl, not a toddler. I still view Luke as a baby!! I like the hot chocolate idea, super cute.

Whitney said...

So cute! Love these! What do you use to draw on your pictures? Adobe?

valerie said...

these are adorable and Tessa....OMG she is getting so big and her hair looks so pretty all curled. WOW! I love the way you put everything together!

Raegan said...

A-dorable Valentine's Day cards! I'm sure all their classmates will love them! Good work Mom!


Darlene said...

So cute and great ideas! Wow Tessa is even more of a little mini you than Stella! The kids are so cute and getting so big!

Baileys said...

The ones of Tessa and Isaac are PRECIOUS!!

Tate, Jody, Jocelyn, and Tyler said...

so cute! i think i'm going to have to steal a few of these ideas!

lovingmomma @ Happy As A Lark said...

Love the valentines!! Also, I was wondering where you shop for your kids' clothes? They are adorable!!!! Such a beautiful family ♥♥ I am your newest follower :)

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