Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Jubilation and Holiday Hoopla

We have been up to a lot of Holiday Hoopla around here.  We are having such a nice holiday. 

I will fill you in:

Candy for me-38

We have been receiving lots of cards and packages.  I love getting the mail at Christmas time.  The other day I got this in the mail from my blog friend Stella.  She lives in the Netherlands.  She said it is custom to receive your initial in chocolate at the holidays.  So she made sure that I got one.  Isn’t that so sweet.  Thank you Stella.

Snow fall

It snowed a little bit here one day.  What a perfect Holiday  surprise.

Snow fall1

Tess and Isaac had a blast playing in it.

I decided we needed a dessert in honor of the snow that wasn’t deep enough to build a snowman.  This was our Sunday night dessert.

Cookie Cake-26

We participated in Toy hill here in Arkansas. We donated some new toys and took them up to the drop off sight.  The marines were loading all the toys in to a Pepsi truck.

Toy Hill1

The kids enjoyed picking out a toy for someone else, and then seeing them load the toys. It made it real for them.  It helped them understand that there are children in Arkansas who are not as blessed as they are.  After we gave the Marines our toys, we stayed and listened to the music and had some snacks.  It was a nice day.

Toy Hill2

Jex had his Christmas program.  It was adorable.  All the third graders sang Christmas songs, and they also danced to some songs.

Jex Christmas Program 

One of the songs they sang was Christmas Jubilation.  It is the cutest song.  One of those catchy tunes, that gets stuck in your head.

I have been working a lot the last few weeks.   One of my favorite things is to design cards and announcements.  I have been doing a little of that.  I am giving you a sneak peak because I haven’t even shared these on my photo blog yet. 

Christmas Card Idea


Christmas card Idea Back copy


Front of card Maddox


Back of the card Maddox


I just love Christmas cards.

I added a new ornament to our tree. It is in honor of baby Ruby.

Christmas tree lights-4

It is a red bird.  It says in Remembrance of Ruby June.  It is in the center of my tree.  I love it.

Christmas tree lights-2

I hope you are enjoying all your holiday hoopla.

Christmas tree lights-3 

I hope your holiday is magical.


KW said...

I love the ornament, so sweet! The chocolate A and the cookie look delicious. I also love Tess in her winter gear. Too cute.

Stella said...

I am so happy that my little treat has arrived :) Enjoy!
I've been reading and looking over your blog for quite a while and I just love all the gorgeous photos and your stories.
Your Christmas card arrived in the mail; so lovely to read and look at. Thank you so so much.
I hope that you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the season!

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

Looks like fun times at your house! It sounds like the Netherlands has it all figured out. What a great tradition!

julie said...

What a beautiful post. Your photography is stunning, especially the black and white ones, adorable.

julie said...

What a beautiful post. Your photography is stunning, especially the black and white ones, adorable.

Krysta said...

I remember when it snowed while Casey and I were there last year. We haven't had any snow. It adds so much to the holidays. I'm glad your kids enjoyed it. You were so good to cocument about everything. It was fun reading what you have been up to. Love the Christmas cards you designed.

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