Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas lights bring me peace.

As a child, I never realized how busy my mother was during the holidays.   Now as a mother, I realize there is always something to be done, which is so sad because I think this is the time we should probably be a little more still.  I know when I am still, I am able to hear the still small voice inspiring me to be better.

When life gets crazy, my Christmas decorations seem to bring me back.  They put a smile on my face and remind me what this season is all about.

I think that is why I take the time to put them out.  It is hard work.  My mom never told me how hard it was, and she never acted like it was either.  I could take a page out of her book.

We enjoyed putting them out together as a family one Saturday.  My favorite part now is listening to the kids get excited over who gets to plug in the lights, or hang the ornament on the advent calendar.  That is what brings me back, and reminds me of the important truths I need to stop and teach my kids about this time of year.

Rainy night-29

It has been raining for two says straight here.  Last night, I was watching it out the window and enjoying the reflection of my Christmas lights through the glass.  It brought me peace, as I thought about the miracles of Christmas.

Christmas lights on rainy night

I thought you might enjoy seeing our home decorated this year. 

Welcome to our home for the Holidays

{Part One}

Christmas decorations cr-10

I enjoy it most at night.

Christmas decorations cr-14

Especially when I come home and see it all through my window.

….and here it is during the day.

The Entry way:

Christmas decorations cr-5

…all the little details.

Christmas decorations cr-20

Yes, that is Santa’s watch. My kids keep asking me how I got it.

Our office window is a fun one.  I hung these big pinecones and silver stars for a more classic look.

Christmas decorations cr-3

It was fun to add some blue and silver to this room.  Did you all notice that I painted this room?  It isn’t red anymore, and I love it.  I will share more about that when I share the office in my house tour.

The kids Christmas tree lives in this room.  It has all their handmade ornaments on it.  They love looking at this tree.

Christmas decorations cr-16

… and the last room today, The Dining Room (which happens to be my favorite.)

I have decided to permanently place my laptop at the dining room table just so I can be in this room more often.

Christmas decorations cr-2

Christmas decorations cr-1

This room is where our tree lives.

Christmas decorations cr-4

…all it’s little details.

Christmas decorations cr-17

I love having picture frames on my tree, and yes, I have added some owl ornaments this year. Duh!!

This is one of my favorite parts about this room.

Christmas decorations cr-11

I also added these fancy little numbers to my chairs this year, and sprinkled the room with Santa and glitter.

Christmas decorations cr-19

My table also got some new place card holders that look like ornaments; kind of a fun addition.

Christmas decorations cr-18

What do you think?  Is is your favorite too?

Christmas decorations cr-22

Stayed tuned for Part two.



Unknown said...

So pretty! Your tree is one of my faves! I thought that last year too. I love how you put pictures in it. So pretty!

Eileen said...

I have Christmas decor envy. It all looks so lovely and warm. TFS

AnnaBanana said...

found you while blog surfing . . . what a cute blogger you are! i'm very curious about your child's name: Jex. it's my maiden name, so iloved it, naturally!

i plan to be checkin' back in, who knows maybe we're cousins?! :)

KW said...

I love it! I love the way the dining room looks this year.

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing your cute decor when I can't see it in person

Krysta said...

I love all of it. The lights reflecting in the windows look so pretty. I'm glad you documented that. Great job!

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