Friday, January 9, 2015

Pictures in the snow.

Pictures taken in the snow are my favorite.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0507_zps594075ea.jpg

I love them because it is the best light.

With the best glow off the snow so..

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0656_zpseb18eef4.jpg

you really can’t go wrong.

Let’s face it: Snow pictures make the prettiest pictures.

The Saturday following Christmas we took the kids sledding on the hill I grew up sledding on.

The kids loved it.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0594_zps9d43ceca.jpg

I was surprised by little Tess, she was the first to hop on the sled and go down.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0598_zps53925255.jpg

Kids smiles are priceless.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0551_zpsbfda4561.jpg

They enjoyed having grandpa and dad spin them around and send them down the hill.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0512_zps42683df9.jpg

They also made a contest out of seeing who could go the farthest.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0565_zpsdf570b2e.jpg

This is Isaac walking up the hill with his sad face on because he didn’t make it the farthest.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0621_zps6206cd85.jpg

I stopped him half way up and told him to just be happy about the fun we were having.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0622_zps5dd23a81.jpg

He gave me this look:

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0623_zps3425eeef.jpg

Then I made him give me a smile; this is the best I could get:

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0626_zpsefddff4a.jpg

Then he decided to push his sleigh up the hill…

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0628_zps9e2c64e7.jpg

and smile and go down the hill again anyways.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0677_zps0cfefc9b.jpg

You can’t go sledding with out taking the time for some warm nose kisses.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0640_zps58ea6511.jpg

…and every picture folder isn’t complete with out a Tween trying to throw a snowball at you.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0531_zpsce4cc08c.jpg

I decided that I needed a turn to go down that hill from my past too.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0650_zps6ec5b705.jpg

I decided that I would be less scared if I had a partner to go down with the next time.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0654_zps14f0e4a8.jpg

Then our cousins showed up.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0687_zps0bc909c4.jpg

It was fun watching the kids play with their cousins, aunt, and uncles.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0684_zpsd87b9ff9.jpg

It’s always fun to share something with those we love.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0675_zps55f88f33.jpg

I enjoyed hanging with my sisters.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0719_zpsd2019a37.jpg

I also enjoyed watching the littles go down the hill,

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0741_zps194768f1.jpg

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0744_zps203cff60.jpg

and seeing the little cuties all bundled in their snow gear.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0710_zps72e6810a.jpg

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0692_zpsab4a8a82.jpg

Tess loved having London around to sleigh with.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmaswhite-0722_zpsdabc007c.jpg

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0729_zpseef76a3c.jpg

My sisters love having Stella around to babysit the littles.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0732_zpsb89f3500.jpg

It was a fun day.

One of those memorable days.

 photo SleddingandSnowatGrandmas-0755_zpsda59b17f.jpg

Oh, and the best sort of days because I got to take pictures in the snow.


KW said...

These all turned out so stinking cute.

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