Sunday, June 2, 2013

Putting it all together

As many of you know, we bought a new house that we will be moving in to in July.


I am very excited.  As it is a dream come true. 

At a very young age I would dream of my future home and how I would decorate it.  Now after all this time my dreams are coming true.  This is not our first home.  You can find pictures of our first home here.

After being in a rental this last year, I am ready to have a place to call our own.  This time is different because it is permanent; a place we can finally call HOME.

We have begun making the necessary preparations.

My infamous quote and you will hear me say this often,

“When we are faithful, God always gives us what we need and sometimes even gives us the things we want.”

We needed a house in Utah, and he has helped us get the house we want.

I have been a recipient of the things I want many times; and he always meets my needs.

God is very good, and I will always tell you that I am a recipient of his goodness.

I have hesitated to share photos of the house as it is not ours yet.  We don’t close for another month.  It is all moving forward like it should, but it is still nerve wracking. 

It is your lucky day here because I am being brave and sharing a little peak.


One of the perks to the house we are buying is that the sellers moved to Hawaii; and we are buying the house and all the furniture that they staged it with.

I have started thinking about the rooms, furniture placement, and decorating. 


You may have noticed me pinning things to My New House board.

I plan to share my new house journey here on JandA&Co.

I hope to share step by step how I design each room.

I thought it might be fun to see inside my crazy brain over the next six months.

I will be doing this whole process on a budget, and will take me some time.

We will both have to be patient.

I will be mixing and matching what I have and what is being left behind from the previous owners; keeping the best of both.

Luckily, I love the previous owners style and feel it meshes very well with mine.

I have been preparing some of my furniture here on my end before the move.

I think it is important to come up with a plan and color scheme.  That way when you buy something or create something you make sure it falls under your plan.  When I am picking out something for my space I ask myself:

1. Is it the right color?

2.  What is my purpose for it?

3.  Does the style match the look I am trying to achieve?

Today I thought I would share my plan and vision for the main living area of our home.  Because we don’t live in the house yet I don’t have the finished product, but I can show you some of the pretties I have put together.

Also important to note that I have not bought anything new.  I have only refurbished what I have.  That’s the way to stay under budget huh?

My color scheme:




All of which I pinned from Pinterest.  That is such a great place for inspiration.

I am going for the beachy cottage look.  I love painted furniture, and hues of blues, greens and yellows.  All the beautiful colors you think of when you visit the ocean.

With that in mind, I have done a few projects around here:

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse_zps0dd5585f.jpg

Painting lots of furniture, making pillows, creating wall art, and recovering existing furniture.

Getting ready for new house-001

It is also a good idea to take pictures of anything you find that you think might look great in your space.  For example:


I found this chair at a local furniture store and fell in love.  I knew that I couldn’t afford the price tag.  A couple of days later I had the thought that I could probably recreate the chair.

Luckily, I found chevron fabric in just the right colors.

 photo JonathansGradParty-0452_zps7801a614.jpg

I had this chair and was actually going to leave it behind.


That gave me the courage to try and recover it. It took me about 3 hours and cost $30. It was surprisingly easy.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0302_zps3a410df6.jpg

Here is a little bit more detail about what my hands have been dirty with:

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0299_zps2a8fab40.jpg

Yes, I painted my piano! Oh My! that was scary.  It was easier than I thought.  I did it in about 7 hours.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0306_zps532afffa.jpg

The yellow is my sewing machine table which will be stored in my guest bedroom.  It was so beaten up, and needed a little fix up.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0305_zpsbadf90d7.jpg 

Paint was my best option.  I am in love with the color.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0304_zps9b53ee4f.jpg

This blue table is a little sofa table that I painted.  This was my first painting project and once I painted it, I was addicted.  On a funny note, my husband and I picked this table up outside someone’s house in Kansas over six years ago.  They were throwing it out.  It needed a little TLC.  Jonathan fixed it, I painted it and changed the knobs.  I have loved this FREE little sofa table.  I love it even more now that it is the bright beachy blue color.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0351_zps52d15e38.jpg

I also painted my kitchen bench that goes with my kitchen table.  It brightens up my black table.  I have black cabinets in my kitchen so it needed brightening.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0350_zpseee02c38.jpg

I also changed the fabric on the bench. Such a simple update.

 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0303_zps0e0bbae7.jpg

…and you remember the flowers, but I moved them and put them in this milk glass vase that I already had.  I bought it at our thrift store for just $1.00.  Milk glass is so beach inspired.  Remember how I loved the flowers in this photo?:



 photo Gettingreadyfornewhouse-0301_zps63056d62.jpg

I made six new pillows for my furniture.  The chevron pattern from the chair is one is one of them.  Also the green one on the chair.  The flowered pillow in this photo has been my inspiration for the space.  I absolutely love it.  I saved money by recovering pillows that I already had.  I did not buy one pillow form.

 photo JonathansGradParty-0454_zpsae02988b.jpg

The fabric from the bench can be found on the back of some of the pillows; as a way to tie things together.

Cute huh?

 photo JonathansGradParty-0450_zpsf63ff981.jpg

FYI: Before I get flooded with emails, the paint colors I used on my furniture.  This was all Behr paint from Home Depot and I used paint samples which kept the cost real low at $2.94 a color.  I needed 2 samples for some pieces; like my piano.

Piano: Behr Manhattan Mist

Sofa Table:  Behr Winter Surf

Table Bench: Behr Balmy Seas

Sewing Machine Table: Behr Leapfrog

I found all of my fabric at JoAnn’s. In their outdoor collection.  JoAnn’s is the only fabric store in this town.  I was to impatient to order any online.  Thanks JoAnn’s for coming through.

I have never recovered furniture before.  I decided to just go for it.

I had to be very brave when deciding to paint my piano.

What I am saying is; when it comes to decorating you have to take risks.

If you want to do it on a budget; you just have to go for it and do it yourself.

Use what you have and make it new again.

Keep checking back as I share how it all falls in to place in our new home. 

P.S.  I have some more projects in the works.  More sneak peaks to come.


Unknown said...

this is gorgeous! loving all your colors together.

Creative Cole said...

Absolutely LOVE it! I am sure you will have a blast making your new house a home! We have lived in ours 9 1/2 years and I still try to find things I can paint. I love color! Have fun and enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing all your crafty genius with us :)

April said...

I love your color scheme!

KW said...

Looking good! Can't wait to come see it in person

Brista Barrington said...

Your new home looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more!

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

That sofa table is so great, and I have that same milk glass vase. I love it! So fun!

Bethe said...

Wow! Love the beachy colors and the painted furniture! My favorite pieces are the ones I found for a steal (or free!) and painted new life into.

Holly said...

This is SO fun to see all of your creative ideas! I would LOVE to see you post a tutorial or a link to a good tutorial on how to refinish a piano. I'm dying to do mine too! :) Thanks for sharing Andrea!!

JPAmom said...

SQUEAL!!! It is gorgeous!! And their style is so similar to yours which tells me it is meant to be. I have the same piano and I am going to try painting it. What are some good tips??

JPAmom said...

SQUEAL!!! It is gorgeous!! And their style is so similar to yours which tells me it is meant to be. I have the same piano and I am going to try painting it. What are some good tips??

Unknown said...

everything looks great! I can't wait to see more of your new house, it looks like you! So excited for ya'll!!

Colleen said...

Love the picture! I cannot wait to see more. You have such great taste and everything looks like it is off to a great start. said...

Love seeing the colour scheme you have chosen (my favourite colours!) and the sneak peak of the new house! How exciting!

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