Monday, November 28, 2011


We had a really nice Thanksgiving. 

We have had a really enjoyable Holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving 2

We enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with some friends.  It was nice to have someone to get together with.

The kids seemed to enjoy dessert the very most. Can’t say I blame them.


Leading up to Thanksgiving, the kids enjoyed helping with a few projects.

They made place cards for the table.


We also made some cookies for dessert.  Tess loves to help in the kitchen. (I can’t get her out of this tu-tu.)


We made Gingersnaps.  Don’t you just love Gingersnaps this time of year?  We do. They are Jex’s favorite.

I have the best recipe.  I would love to share it with you.

Ginger Snaps

After Thanksgiving, I hit the black Friday sales and have still yet to recover.

We also enjoyed a few more meals with friends.  We watched some football, and had our second Thanksgiving with The Smith family in our ward.  They had a nice meal on Friday.

Saturday, we spent the day putting up all our Christmas stuff.  The kids enjoy helping. 

Christmas decorating

This is their tree.  We added some red ribbons from Ruby’s funeral to add a little Ruby to it.

I also did a little photography this weekend.  I have been busy with the holidays.  You can see some of my work here.

I love that the holidays are upon us.  It is such a fun time of year.  I am trying to focus on what is really important this year.  I am trying to keep it simple. 

Jex said that his favorite part of Christmas is when our house is all decorated.  I am so glad because it is a lot of work.  I enjoy when it is all decorated too.

Right now, we are listening to Christmas music and enjoying the lights on our tree.

Oh… and it has turned off cold outside; So, it feels like Christmas too.


Unknown said...

cute turkey place cards. I've been craving ginger snaps, thanks for the recipe!I love Tessa in her tutu, she is all girl, with her tutu and sassy walk :)

Letti said...

What a cute family. I love that they are all helping you. The tree is beautiful. We have all of our stuff up except for our tree. We get a real tree and it will be delivered on the 3rd.

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