Monday, July 28, 2008


Here are some photos of our Alphabet summer. We have been having so much fun doing this, and I have loved watching how much the kids enjoy it. Every morning they ask, "what letter are we doing today?" Stella will also say, "mom, I know what letter that starts with." She is always right when she tells me. It has really helped the kids develop a love for learning.
I also wanted to share a few websites that have helped me with this. I have been using: to make the worksheets for the kids to practice their letters. to print out a flag from the U.S. that starts with the letter of the day, and use it as a coloring project for the kids. then click on picture dictionary, and then select the letter of your choice. This will bring up a whole page full of pictures and words for this letter. The kids love learning more about random little words. (ie: we did N, and we were able to talk more about Nursery rhymes, and Nurse sharks.)

Here is the long post of pictures:
H is for... Hot Tub. I let the kids splash around in our jacuzzi tub.(this was a great distraction as I cut my own hair)

J is for... Jump Rope, Jacks, and Jex(Jex's scrapbook pages to come in following post)

I is for... Indoor campout, Indoor Smores, and Isaac. Here are the scrapbook pages the kids made about Isaac.

Made By Jex for Isaac.

Made by Stella for Isaac.

P is for... pudding and popcorn pictures. The kids enjoyed finger painting with pudding, and glueing popcorn on their masterpeice. That was until we put them outside to dry, and it started to rain. AHHH!!
N is for...No-Bake Nests.(we made no-bake cookies, shaped them into bird nests, and then filled them with marshmellows for the eggs. SO FUN, yet SOOO DANGEROUS. Mom, loves no-bakes, but that doesn't go so well with my healthy eating plan. GOOD LUCK MOM!!
N... is for Necklace. I broke out the bin of beads that I haven't seen since I used to make jewelry and I let the kids string some necklaces. They made all of them for me, as you can see: Not the best picture of me, but the smile on my face is pure delight in the gift from the kiddos.
L is for... Library. We found our local library, and they have a great story time. It happens to work perfect into our schedule. What a fun addition to our summer.
F is for... Fingernail polish. I let the kids piant my fingernails, and toe nails. We did Stella's as well. As an added bonus, Jex found a frog on F day. Here he is trying to capture it, and a view of what the little thing looked like in our yard.
Yeah for the Alphabet, and exciting ways to present it. Thanks to everyone for helping with some ideas.


Leila said...

Holy Haircut Batman!! Is there anything you DON"T do? I love the ABC's idea. And, I have to tell you that I am amazed that while educating your adorable children in your gorgeous house, you are giving yourself a haircut!! I swear, you need your own TV show so that you can teach the rest of us how you do it. Simply amazing!

Krysta said...

How fun is that?!?! I wnat to try to hit the library this week with my kids. I loved looking at all of your pictures. What is the letter brush that you are using? Do I have that one...if not, I want it!

Krysta said...

By the way...I agree that you are totally and absolutely amazing too! I used to think that we were on the same level with just about everyting and now in the creativity department you have left me in the dust lady! Slow down and let me catch up...or come for a visit soon and give me every lesson you can think of! I love you!!!

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